the International Building Performance Simulation Association, is a non-profit international society of building performance simulation researchers, developers and practitioners, dedicated to improving the built environment.

Building Simulation 2023 in Shanghai, China

Following the successful BS 2021 in Bruges, Shanghai will take the relay in hosting our next world building simulation conference! BS 2023 is scheduled for 4-6 September 2023, so mark your calendar and prepare the travel budget! Please refer to http://bs2023.org/ for more information.

Building Simulation 2025 in Brisbane, Australia

IBPSA has announced that IBPSA-Australasia will be hosting Building Simulation 2025 in Brisbane, Australia in 2025. More details to follow: https://www.ibpsa-australasia.org/post/building-simulation-2025-in-brisbane-australia

IBPSA’s Annual General Meeting 2022

The IBPSA’s Annual General Meeting will be held online on 10.09.2022, 13.00-13.30 UTC. If you would like to attend, please send an email to Dru Crawley Materials relating to the above matters will be posted at http://www.ibpsa.org/member-meetings/ If you would like to appoint or change a proxy, send an email to proxy@ibpsa.org before September 1, […]

A much needed resource for new and aspiring members of the building science community

This new IBPSA-endorsed book, Fundamentals of Building Performance Simulation pares the theory and practice of a multi-disciplinary field to the essentials for classroom learning and real-world applications. Authored by a veteran educator and researcher, this textbook equips graduate students and emerging and established professionals in architecture and engineering to predict and optimize buildings’ energy use. […]

Building Simulation 2023: Call for Proposals

The international Building Simulation 2019 conference was held in Rome in September with 1000 participants. Building Simulation 2021 will be held in Bruges. The board of IBPSA is pleased to issue the following call for proposals from parties interested in hosting the conference Building Simulation 2023. A complete proposal should be sent to the Conference […]

BauSIM 2020 in Graz, Austria

The next BauSIM conference of IBPSA Germany and Austria will take place in Graz, Austria from 23 to 25 September 2020. The Call for Abstracts for the BauSIM 2020 is now open until 31 October 2019. Information about the conference and the venue can be found at www.tugraz.at/en/events/bausim2020/home/

Building Simulation 2019 in Rome, Italy

The 16th IBPSA International Conference and Exhibition, Building Simulation 2019, will take place in Rome, Italy, from September 2 – 4, 2019. The Italy regional affiliate, IBPSA-Italy, will host the conference and exhibition. Conference website: http://buildingsimulation2019.org/

IBPSA endorses 2019 ASHRAE Building Performance Analysis Conference

IBPSA endorses the upcoming ASHRAE Building Performance Analysis Conference (BPAC) 2019 that takes place Sept. 25-27 in Denver, CO. The goal of this conference is to promote networking and present new techniques and workflows that practitioners make better decisions during the simulation and modeling process of an entire building life cycle. More information and updates […]

Second IBPSA-Endorsed Book available

“Building Performance Analysis” is a new book by Pieter de Wilde. In eleven chapters, it explores the theoretical foundations of building performance, reviews different approaches to analyze and quantify building performance, discusses the prospects of carrying out building performance throughout the building life cycle, and presents an emerging theory on the subject. It is written […]

Warning for predatory conferences!

Recently, the Board of IBPSA has noted that there is a call for papers for an International Conference on Building Simulation, to take place in Rome in January 2019, which is not the IBPSA Building Simulation 2019 conference – this will take place in September (2nd to 4th). The host of the January event is […]