Mailing lists

Members can subscribe to the IBPSA mail list (and, if desired, unsubscribe or edit) via a web interface which is available at: Note that this mailing list is solely for IBPSA-related notices and to ensure that you receive future important IBPSA updates (including the election process and announcements of IBPSA News releases).

For any other purposes, please use the BLDG-SIM list. BLDG-SIM is a mailing list for users of building energy simulation programs worldwide, including weather data and other software support resources. BLDG-SIM is intended to foster the development of a community of those users. Experienced and inexperienced users of building energy simulation programs are welcome and are expected to share their questions and insights about these programs.

If you have any questions with respect to the BLDG-SIM, please contact the list owner:
Jason Glazer at or +1-847-698-5686
This list is made possible courtesy of GARD Analytics, Inc., Ridge Park, IL, USA.
For further information about this list server, see the web page located at: