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Technical Papers & Presentations

Analysis of procedures and workflow for conducting energy analysis using Autodesk Revit, GBXML, and TRACE700

S Ali (paper | presentation)

Energy efficiency code in Brazil: Experiences in the first public building labeled in Brasilia

C Amorim, M Cintra, C e Silva, J Fernandes, L Sudbrack (paper | presentation)

Integrating advanced daylight analysis into building energy analysis

J An, S Mason (paper | presentation)

EnergyPlus vs DOE-2: The effect of ground coupling on heating-cooling energy of a slab-on-grade house

S Andolsun, C Culp, J Haberl (paper | presentation)

Beyond arrows: CFD modeling of a new configuration of naturally ventilated double-skin façade in a high rise office building

M Azarbayjani (paper | presentation)

Modeling protocol for early energy design assistance

C Baker, P Vaidya, A D’Souza (paper | presentation)

Thermal behavior of urban canyons using numerical modeling, CFD simulation and GIS mapping

R Brandao, M Alucci (paper | presentation)

Toward zero energy buildings: optimized for energy use and cost

C Brown, L Glicksman, M Lehar (paper | presentation)

Experimental and numerical comparison of heat transfer in a naturally ventilated roof cavity

A Brun, E Wurtz, D Quenard (paper | presentation)

Uncertainty analysis in building simulation with monte carlo techniques

S Burhenne, D Jacob, G Henze (paper | presentation)

Development of a dedicated outdoor air system module for a whole building annual simulation program

Y Chae, R Strand (paper | presentation)

Integrating solar thermal and photovoltaic systems in whole building energy simulation

S Cho, J Haberl (paper | presentation)

Window opening behavior in a naturally ventilated school

S Dutton, L Shao(paper | presentation)

Decomposing building system data for model validation and analysis using the Koopman operator

B Eisenhower, T Maile, M Fischer, I Mezic (paper | presentation)

Using DOE commercial reference buildings for simulation studies

K Field, M Deru, D Studer (paper | presentation)

Multi-objective façade optimization for daylighting design using a genetic algorithm

J Gagne, M Andersen (paper | presentation)

Customizing the behavior of interacting occupants using personas

R Goldstein, A Tessier, A Khan (paper | presentation)

On the use of integrated daylighting and energy simulations to drive the design of a large net-zero energy office building

R Guglielmetti, S Pless, P Torcellini (paper | presentation)

Enumerating a diverse set of building designs using discrete optimization

E Hale, N Long (paper | presentation)

Tool for generating realistic residential hot water event schedules

R Hendron, J Burch, G Barker (paper | presentation)

Analysis of the Energy Savings Potential in K-5 Schools in Hot and Humid Climates: Application of high performance measures and renewable energy systems

P Im, J Haberl (paper | presentation)

Optimizing building energy simulation models in the face of uncertainty

D Jacob, S Burhenne, A Florita, and G Henze (paper | presentation)

Thermodynamics of the microclimate: effects of external elements on internal heat gains

A Jain, A Osborne (paper | presentation)

Pushing the limits of simulation complexity: a building energy performance simulation exhibition center in the U.A.E.

M Jones, S Ledinger (paper | presentation)

A new model for calculating the convective and radiant impact of radiators and baseboards in EnergyPlus

D Kang, R Strand (paper | presentation)

Implementation of a model for a wind turbine system in EnergyPlus

D Kang, R Strand (paper | presentation)

Performance-based incentive program for new buildings: Report from the field

M Karpman (paper | presentation)

Space load & system load comparison using energy modeling software

S Kasarekar, C Waddell (paper | presentation)

Use of building simulation software TAS to investigate the dynamic thermal performance of a school building with installation of a Monodraught natural ventilation and cooling system

N Khan, Y Su, S Riffat, N Hopper (paper | presentation)

Solar Heat Surplus and Solar Heat Scarcity: the inclusion of solar heat gain in a dynamic and holistic daylight analysis

S Kleindienst, M Andersen (paper | presentation)

Reconciling differences in residential DX cooling models in DOE-2 and EnergyPlus

N Kruis (paper | presentation)

Animated building performance simulation (ABPS): Linking Rhinoceros/Grasshopper with Radiance/Daysim

K Lagios, J Niemasz, C Reinhart (paper | presentation)

Development of a calibration methodology for the energy simulation of an existing building from 1969

T Leibing, C Reiser, O Baumann (paper | presentation)

Dynamic modeling of mechanical draft counter-flow wet cooling tower with Modelica

X Li, Y Li, J Seem (paper | presentation)

Dynamic modeling and consistent initialization of system of differential-algebraic equations for centrifugal chillers

P Li, Y Li, J Seem (paper | presentation)

Going beyond a RESnet certification for code-compliant simulations: a comparison of detailed results of three RESnet-certified, code-compliant residential simulation programs

Z Liu, H Kim, M Malhotra, J Mukhopadhyay, J Baltazar, J Haberl, C Culp, B Yazdani, C Montgomery (paper | presentation)

A comparison of window modeling methods in EnergyPlus 4.0

P Lyons, J Wong, M Bhandari (paper | presentation)

Simulating building energy performance of single-family detached residences designed for off-grid, off-pipe operation

M Malhotra, J Haberl (paper | presentation)

Daylight nomographs revisited

R Manudhane, C Reinhart (paper | presentation)

Modeling of the single coil, twin fan air-conditioning system in EnergyPlus

C Miller, C Sekhar (paper | presentation)

Towards the application of distributed simulation in whole building heat, air and moisture performance engineering

M Mirsadeghi, D Costola, B Blocken, J Hensen (paper | presentation)

Real-time monitoring of building energy behavior: a conceptual framework

A Nassiopoulous, F Bourquin (paper | presentation)

Methodology for quantifying the performance implications of intelligent shade control in existing buildings in an urban context

W O’Brien, K Kapsis, A Athienitis, T Kesik (paper | presentation)

Model-based thermal load estimation of buildings

Z O’Neill, S Narayanan, R Brahme (paper | presentation)

What does it take for the residential building sector to reach net-zero energy?

K Otto, R Taylor, R Brahme, W Sisson (paper | presentation)

Visual EPlus: A Chinese interactive graphical user interface (GUI) for Energyplus

Y Pan, Q Li, H Zhou, Z Huang, Z He, J Huang (paper | presentation)

Is real-time pricing right for solar PV?

J Perlman, A McNamara, D Huang, L Audin (paper | presentation)

The coupling of ESP-r and GenOpt: a simple case study

L Peters, M Wetter, A Ferguson, W D’haeseleer (paper | presentation)

Robust eddy viscosity turbulence modeling with elliptic relaxation for external building flow analysis

M Popovac (paper | presentation)

Estimating material usage of road infrastructure in US cities

D Quinn, J Fernandez (paper | presentation)

The daylighting dashboard: a simulation-based analysis for daylit spaces

C Reinhart, J Weinold (paper | presentation)

Optimizing the effect of vegetation for pedestrian thermal comfort and urban heat island mitigation in a hot arid urban environment

A Rosheidat, H Bryan (paper | presentation)

Validation of a low-energy whole building simulation model

G Salvalai, J Pfafferott, D Jacob (paper | presentation)

Dynamic radiance: predicting annual daylighting with variable fenestration optics using BSDFs

M Saxena, G Ward, T Perry, L Heschong, R Higa (paper | presentation)

A building simulation sustainability analysis to assess dwellings in a new Cairo development

W Sheta, S Sharples (paper | presentation)

Modeling energy demand for heating at a city scale

A Strzalka, U Eicker, V Coors, J Schumacher (paper | presentation)

CFD simulation enhances the optimization of a data center’s expansion process

G Tan, K Venerable (paper | presentation)

Energy modeling at each design phase: strategies to minimize design energy use

K Tupper, C Fluhrer (paper | presentation)

Impact of different daylighting simulation results on the prediction of total energy consumption

R Versage, A Melo, R Lamberts (paper | presentation)

An introduction to the CFD capabilities in CONTAM 3.0

L Wang, W Dols, Q Chen (paper | presentation)

Influence of supply air temperature on underfloor air distribution (UFAD) system energy performance

T Webster, KH Lee, F Bauman, S Schiavon, T Hoyt, J Feng, A Daly (paper | presentation)

Quantification of available solar irradiation on rooftops using orthograph and LiDar data

C Yimprayoon, M Navvab (paper | presentation)

Using statistical methods to investigate the mapping from initial values to the multiple steady states in complex building simulation problems

J Yuan, L Glicksman (paper | presentation)

Proactive energy management for next-generation building systems

V Zavala, J Wang, S Leyffer, E Constantinescu, M Anitescu, G Conzelmann (paper | presentation)

Comparison of building load performance between first principle based shading algorithm and implementable shading control algorithm

R Zhang, K Lam (paper | presentation)

Agent-based modeling and simulation of individual building occupants

G Zimmermann (paper | presentation)

Heat flow modeling of HVAC systems for fault detection and diagnosis

G Zimmermann, Y Lu, G Lo (paper | presentation)

Improvements on the fast fluid dynamic model for indoor airflow

W Zuo, Q Chen (paper | presentation)


Invited Presentations

Opening Plenary: Modeling a Sustainable World

Lynn Bellenger, President, ASHRAE


Invited Session 1C: Modeling for Codes and Incentives

Tom Paino, NYC Department of Design and Construction, Untitled (presentation)

Chris Schaffner, The Green Engineer, LEED EA TAG, LEED EAc1 – Past, Present, and Future (presentation)

Arun Veda, RW Beck (presentation)

Invited Session 1D: IBPSA’s BEMBook

(No presentations available)

Invited Session 2C: BIM Today

Stephen Roth, Carmelsoft, Green Building XML (gbxml) (presentation)

Drury Crawley, Bentley, BIM to SIM (presentation)

Phil Cunningham, Kling Stubbins, Building Performance Simulation: Real World Use of Tools, Workflow, and Challenges (presentation)

Invited Session 2D: Utility and Portfolio Applications

Christopher Gazze, Con Edison, Linking demand management with utility infrastructure planning (presentation)

Young Lee, IBM, Smarter buildings with analytics: A framework of building energy performance analytics for portfolio of public buildings (presentation)

Invited Session 4D: Developer Toolkits

Nicholas Long, NREL, Integrated Design and Energy Analysis Kit (presentation)

Richard See, Digital Alchemy, An Open Platform for Building Performance Simulation (presentation)

Michael Wetter, LBNL, Building system modeling in Modelica: A next-generation open-source framework for modeling, simulation, optimization and operation (presentation)

Invited Session 5D: Modeling and Communication

Dave Van Camp, Princeton University

James Kraus, SOM

Scott Frank, JBB

Shillpa Singh, YRG

(No presentations available)

Invited Session 6C: Findings from the Modeling Competition

Introduction to the Modeling Competition (presentation)

Taylor Keep, Keep Engineering, Greenwich Village School: Developing and Energy Engaged Community (presentation)

Ron Nelson and Charles Hulebak, University of New Mexico, Greening PS-41 (presentation)

Mihir Shah and John Bynam, Texas A&M University, Energy Analysis Competition: Methodology and Results (presentation)

Conclusion (presentation)

Invited Session 6D: Modeling for Codes II

M Swami, Florida Solar Energy Center (no ppt available)

Jian Zhang, Pacific Northwest National Lab (presentation)

Jeff Haberl, Texas A&M University, Development of a web-based code-compliant 2001/2009 IECC Residential Simulator for Texas (presentation)

Invited Session 7C: Modeling for Codes III

Harvey Bryan, Arizona State University, Advances in Code Applications: ASHRAE 189.1 (presentation)

Charles Eley, Architectural Energy Corporation, COMnet (presentation)

Daniel Nall, WSP Flack + Kurtz, ASHRAE’s building energy Quotient (presentation)

Invited Session 8C: Run-Time Coupling of Simulation Tools

Jelena Srebric (no ppt available)

Michael Wetter, LBNL (presentation)

Yao-Jung Wen, Philips, Lighting / Daylighting Control and Energy Study through EnergyPlus and Matlab Co-simulation (presentation)

Invited Session 9C: Calibration for Existing Building Models

Moncef Krarti, University of Colorado (no ppt available)

Kelly Kissock, University of Dayton, Improving model calibration using inverse modeling (presentation)

Invited Session 9D: Renewable Energy Approaches

Andy Walker, NREL, Renewable Energy Optimization (presentation)

A Urribarri, S Gonzalez, S Mikhail, CCNY-CUNY (presentation)

Invited Session 10C: BIM Tomorrow

Vladimir Bazjanic, LBNL (no ppt available)

Richard See, Digital Alchemy (no ppt available)

Kimon Onuma, Onuma Inc. (presentation)


Poster Presentations

Optimized Wireless Light Control for Commercial Buildings

A Askin, K Law (pdf)

Environmental Quality in Office Buildings: Computer Simulation and Directives for Energy Efficiency in Brasilia, Brazil

G Chaim, C Amorim (pdf)

Limitations and Barriers to Developing a Calibrated Simulation

C Estep, M Perez, R Hubacker (pdf)

Numerical and Experimental Analysis of an Open-Joint Ventilated Facade

E Giancola, C Sanjuan, E Blanco, MR Heras (pdf)

AIM: Web-Based, Residential Energy Calculator for Homeowners

J Haberl (pdf not yet available)

Repeatability of Simulation Tools by Sensitivity Analysis of Residential Buildings

M Palme, A Isalgue, H Coch, R Serra (pdf)

A Net Zero Energy Home Using Energy Modeling and Simulation for Design Optimization

U Passe, C Cardinal-Pett, T Lentz, R Nelson (pdf)

Assessing Design and Operational Strategies to Reduce the Electrical Consumption and Peak Loads of Single-Family Housing

A Pietila, I Beausoleil-Morrison (pdf)

Roof Insulation or Reflective Coating: Which Yields the Most Energy Savings Potential in Different Climate Zones?

V Previl (pdf)