eSIM 2014 Conference Proceedings

  • 2013 Solar Decathlon Technologies, Modelling Tools and Canadian Applications
    Austin Selvig, William O’Brien, Craig G. Merrett
  • A case study in actual building performance and energy modeling with real weather data
    Cherag Mehta, Alan S. Fung
  • A Case Study on the Daylighting and Thermal Effects of Fixed and Motorized Light Louvers
    Yuxiang Chen, Samson Yip, Andreas Athienitis
  • A Linear Data-Driven System Identification Methodology for an ActivePassive Solar Thermal Storage System and Application to a Solar House
    Amélie Allard, Andreas K. Athienitis
  • A multi-level architecture to facilitate MPC implementation in commercial buildings basic principles and case study
    José A. Candanedo, Vahid R. Dehkordi, Phylroy Lopez
  • A probabilistic activity model to include realistic occupant behaviour in building simulations
    Dorien Aerts, Joeri Minnen, Ignace Glorieux, Ine Wouters, Filip Deschamps
  • A tool for integrated thermal and lighting analysis of spaces with controlled hardware Fenestration Systems and artificial lighting
    German Molina, Sergio Vera, Waldo Bustamante
  • Application of data mining techniques for energy modeling of HVAC sub-systems
    Mathieu Le Cam, Radu Zmeureanu, Ahmed Daoud
  • Applications of Large Scale Solar Modeling in the Built Environment
    Ryan Danks
  • Automated multi-zone building energy model generation for schematic design and urban massing studies
    Timur Dogan, Christoph Reinhart, Panagiotis Michalatos
  • Bottom-up simulation calibration of zone and system level models using building automation system (BAS) trend data
    Nicholas Zibin, Radu Zmeureanu, James Love
  • Calibrating Dynamic Building Energy Models using Regression Model and Bayesian Analysis in Building Retrofit Projects
    Wei Tian, Qiang Wang, Jitian Song, Shen Wei
  • CFD Modelling of an Underground Water Tank Heat Storage System
    M. Mahdi Salehi, W. Kendal Bushe, Paul Marmion, Ray Pradinuk
  • Cloud-Based Model Calibration Using OpenStudio
    Elaine Hale, Lars Lisell, David Goldwasser, Daniel Macumber, Jesse Dean, Ian Metzger, Andrew Parker, Nicholas Long, Brian Ball, Marjorie Schott, Evan Weaver, Larry Brackney
  • Comparing Design and As-Built Simulations with Actual Measurements for a Large Multi-Use University Building
    Belgin Terim Cavka, M. Mahdi Salehi, Andrea Frisque, Kendal Bushe
  • Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) Analysis of Air Based Building Integrated Photovoltaic Thermal (BIPVT) Systems for Efficient Performance
    H. Getu, T. Yang, A. K. Athienitis, A. Fung,
  • Cooling Tower, Pump and Fan 004 – Component Constraints of EnergyPlus when performing the whole building energy simulation for LEED
    Zhuzhou Fu, Annie Marston, Oliver Baumann
  • CSA C873 Building Energy Estimation Methodology- A simplified monthly calculation for quick building optimization
    André Legault, Lyle Scott, Alexander Rossemann, Mike Hopkins
  • Demand Response Strategies in a Small All-Electric Commercial Building in Quebec
    Karine Lavigne, Ahmed Daoud, Simon Sansregret, Marie-Andrée Leduc
  • Development of a Trade-off Path for HVAC National Energy Code for Buildings 2011 Compliance
    Elisabeth Girgis, Michael Parent, Patrique Tardif
  • Dynamic commercial façades versus traditional construction energy performance and comparative analysis
    Hui Shen, Athanasios Tzempelikos, Anna Maria Atzeri, Andrea Gasparella, Francesca Cappelletti
  • Effect of Window Blind Use in Residential Buildings Observation and Simulation Study
    Isis Bennet, William O’Brien, H. Burak Gunay
  • Effectiveness of a Ventilated Concrete Slab on an Air Source Heat Pump Performance in Cold Climate
    Navid Ekrami, Raghad S. Kamel, Alan S. Fung
  • Energy and Exergy Analysis of a Solar Combisystem using Engineering Equation Solver (EES)
    Xiao-Nan Wen, Radu Zmeureanu
  • ExCalibBEM Tool Development to Calibrate Building Energy Models
    Simon Sansregret, Karine Lavigne, Ahmed Daoud, Louis-Alexandre Leclaire
  • Experimental assessment of a phase change material in walls for heating and cooling applications
    Benoit Delcroix, Michaël Kummert, Ahmed Daoud, Jonathan Bouchard
  • Exploring the Demand Response Potential of a Smart-Grid Ready House Using Building Simulation Software
    Fabiano Pallonetto, Simos Oxizidis, Donal Finn
  • Feasibility Study of Multiple-Pass Total Energy Recovery Ventilator with Built-in Economizer Using TRNSYS A Case Study for Toronto, Ontario
    Jun Long Zhang, Alan S. Fung
  • Feasible upper boundaries of passive solar space heating fraction potentials by climate zone
    Ted Kesik, William O’Brien
  • Flexible Terraced Passive House Design and Performance Evaluation using Building Simulation
    Hasim Altan, Nicola Gasperini, Antonio Frattari
  • From the first sketch of your design, instantly simulate your project’s bioclimatic performance with the 3D simulation software ArchiWIZARD Bioclim
    Audrey Bastonero, Philippe Alamy
  • Graphical Method for Characterization of Space Conditioning Requirements for a House with Improved Building Envelope
    Alexandra Giroux, Michael Collins, John Wright
  • High-resolution residential electricity consumption trends under fixed and time-of-use rates
    Nathaniel Pearre, Lukas Swan
  • Impact of Future Climate Change on the Overheating of Canadian Housing Retrofitted to the PassiveHaus Standard A Case Study
    Ali Sehizadeh, Hua Ge
  • Impact of the Representation of Interior Loads on the Calibration of an eQuest Energy Model for a Case Study
    Andreea Mihai, Radu Zmeureanu
  • Implementation of Meta-modelling for Sensitivity Analysis in Building Energy Analysis
    Jitian Song, Lai Wei, Yu Sun, Wei Tian
  • Lasers, Light, and God 3-D scanning assisted lighting analysis of a house of worship
    Juan Sebastián Carrizo, William O’Brien, Mario Santana Quintero
  • Measured and Simulated Economizer Performance with Demand-controlled Ventilation in an Institutional Building
    Annie-Claude Lachapelle, James Andrew Love
  • Mitigation of Peak Cooling Demand through the Combination of Residential Zoned Cooling and Window Shading A Building Simulation Case Study
    B.A. Lomanowski, J.L Wright
  • Model Development for Tube-in-Subfloor Radiant Floor Heating and Cooling
    Sébastien Brideau, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison
  • Modélisation sur TRNSYS d’un réservoir d’eau chaude sanitaire et comparaison avec des mesures expérimentales
    Célia Térache, Radu Zmeureanu et François Laurencelle
  • Modelling the Use of Exhaust Air Heat Recovery Coils Coupled with Heat Recovery Chillers
    Alex Blue, Christian Cianfrone
  • Natural ventilation in residential building archetypes a stochastic approach based on occupant behaviour and thermal comfort
    Olivier Neu, Valentin Evon, Simeon Oxizidis, Damian Flynn, Donal Finn
  • Natural Ventilation of a Tall Industrial Building Investigation on the Impact of Modeling Assumptions
    Ruijie Zhao, Louis Gosselin,
  • New-Trend Natural Ventilation Potential & Analytics for Various Climates in Canada
    Liam Buckley
  • Opportunities and constraints in the use of simulation on low cost ARM-based computers
    Jon W Hand
  • Optimization of a Battery Charging Schedule in a Net Zero Energy House using Vehicle-to-Home functionality
    Florence Berthold, Benjamin Blunier, David Bouquain, Sheldon Williamson, YuXiang Chen, Andreas Athienitis, Abdellatif Miraoui
  • Optimization of a Thermodiode Panel (TDP) Sizes by Employing Genetic Algorithm (GA)
    M. Ebrahim Poulad, Alan Fung, Meijian Li
  • Parametric Analysis of Energy Recovery Ventilation Performance in the High Rise Residential Sector
    Adam Barker, Ramani Ramakrishnan
  • PCM Thermal Storage System Analysis Using EnergyPlus and BCVTB
    Aidan Jones, Donal Finn
  • Physically Based Global Illumination Calculation Using Graphics Hardware
    Nethaniel Jones, Christoph Reinhart
  • Potential benefits in terms of thermal comfort and energy use of adding a control loop to an existing multizone Air Handling Unit in a hospital setting
    Eduard Cubi
  • Pre-design tools and procedures for efficient integration of smart windows
    Jean-Michel Dussault, Louis Gosselin
  • Predicting the Daylit Area – A Comparison of Students Assessments and Simulations at Eleven Schools of Architecture
    Christoph Reinhart, Tarek Rakha, Dan Weissman
  • RayBooster An efficient, robust, generic and easy to use basic component for high performance radiative simulations
    Jean-Patrick Roccia, Vincent Forest
  • Recursive thermal building model training using Ensemble Kalman Filters
    Brent Huchuk, Cynthia A. Cruickshank, William O’Brien, H. Burak Gunay
  • Savings by Design Benefits of Live Energy Modelling in Integrated Design Charrettes
    Daniel Knapp, Clement Guénard, Brett Kerrigan
  • Setting Building Energy Performance Targets Econometric versus Baseline Models
    Curt Hepting, Lillian Zaremba
  • Should building energy simulation tools integrate life cycle assessment A discussion of the potential benefits and challenges
    Eduard Cubi
  • Simulating a Passive Downdraft Evaporative Cool Tower
    Liam Buckley
  • Simulation approaches to smart solar communities
    Scott Bucking, Jim Cotton
  • Simulation du confort thermique intérieur pour l’orientation d’un bâtiment collectif à Biskra, Algérie
    Belkacem Berghout, Daniel Forgues, Danielle Monfet
  • simuwatt—A Tablet-Based Electronic Auditing Tool
    Daniel Macumber, Andrew Parker, Lars Lisell, Ian Metzger, Matthew Brown
  • Study of different glazing modelling approaches in assessing energy performance of curtain wall systems using EnergyPlus
    TC Lam, Hua Ge, Paul Fazio
  • Study of Electrical Heating Setpoint Modulation Strategies for Residential Demand Response
    Michaël Fournier, Marie-Andrée Leduc
  • The Effect of Input Uncertainty in Model-based Predictive Control
    H. Burak Gunay, William O’Brien, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison, Brent Huchuk, Michael Palmer, Jim Fletcher, Alexandre Pavlovski
  • The role of building performance simulation in the design of ECHO, Team Ontario’s entry to the U.S. Department of Energy Solar Decathlon 2013
    Michael Brown, Jenny Chu, Cynthia Cruickshank
  • Thermal Response Characterization of an Environmental Test Chamber by means of Dynamic Thermal Models
    Ali Saberi Derakhtenjani, Andreas K. Athienitis, José A. Candanedo, Vahid R.Dehkordi
  • Towards Voxel-Based Algorithms for Building Performance Simulation
    Rhys Goldstein, Simon Breslav, Azam Khan
  • TRNSYS Modelling of a Hybrid Membrane Liquid Desiccant Air Conditioning System
    Ahmed Abdel-Salama, Gaoming Geb, Carey Simonsonc
  • Using Calibrated Energy Models to Help Understand, Manage and Improve Existing Building Energy Performance
    Luka Matutinovic
  • Verification of a Multizone Airflow and Energy Network Model by Analytical Solutions to Stack-driven Flows in Buildings
    Dahai Qi, Liangzhu (Leon) Wang, Radu Zmeureanu
  • Virtual Flow Meter for Chilled Water Loops in Existing Buildings
    Eric Mcdonald, Radu Zmeureanu, Daniel Giguère
  • Whole Building Annual Energy Analysis of Air Curtain Performance in Commercial Building
    Liangzhu (Leon) Wang, Zhipeng Zhong
  • Wind effects on the performance of solar collectors on roofs
    Dimitrios Ladas, Ted Stathopoulos