BSO 2020 Proceedings

Proceedings of the 5th IBPSA-England Conference on Building Simulation and Optimization (Virtual), Loughborough, UK: 21-22 September 2020. Eds. Bianca Howard, Argyris Oraiopoulos, and Eleonora Brembilla.

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Session 1: Occupancy Behaviour Modelling 1

Session 2: Building Energy Systems Modelling & Simulation

Session 3: Parametric Design

Session 4: Design & Retrofit Optimisation

Session 5: Advances in Building Simulation Tools

Session 6: Uncertainty Quantification & Analysis

Session 7: Shading and Overheating Analysis

Session 8: Building Energy Flexibility

Session 9: Occupant Behaviour Modelling 2

Session 10: Experimental Performance Characterisation

Session 11: Urban Building Energy Modelling

Session 12: Data Driven Modelling

Poster Presentations