ASim2014 Proceedings

Impacts of Perforated Tile Open Areas on Airflow Uniformity and Air Management Performance in a Modular Data Center
Sang-Woo Ham | Hye-Won Dong | Jae-Weon Jeong

Numerical simulation of inter-flat pollutant dispersion routes and cross-contamination risk in high-rise residential buildings
Di Mu | Naiping Gao

Numerical simulation on nozzle air supply performance in large space building
Yong Sun | Yuming Li | Zhizhong Huang | Yiqun Pan

Developing A Complete And Accessible CFD Simulation Platform For Building Applications
Nelson Marques | Bruno Santos | Susana Ramalho

Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Pressurization System in a High-Rise Building with Stairwell Compartmentation
Busra Hepguzel

Investigation of Link between Air Exchange Rate and Operational Frequency of Cooling Systems to Create a Design Target for Natural Ventilation during the Early Stages of Building Design
Kyosuke Hiyama | Leon Glicksman

Numerical Simulation of The Impact of Natural Ventilation on Fire Safety in Green Buildings
ChungHwei Su | HongSheng Huang | ChunChou Lin | ChingYuan LIN

A Numerical Analysis of Indoor Thermal Environment and Human Thermophysiological Responses under a Natural Ventilation
Satoru Iizuka | Tomonori Sakoi | Teruyuki Saito | Satoru Kuno

CFD Study of Cross Ventilation Performance of Different Buildings Layouts
Nur Farhana Mohamad Kasim | Sheikh Ahmad Zaki Shaikh Salim | Aya Hagishima | Mat Ali Mohamed Sukri | Masataka Shirakasi | Norio Arai | Azli Abd Razak

On The Effect Of Various Design Factors On Wind-Induced Natural Ventilation Of Residential Buildings In Malaysia
Mohd Faizal Mohamad | Aya Hagishima | Jun Tanimoto | Naoki Ikegaya | Abdul Rahman Omar

A numerical investigation on the effect of operation control of a multi-split air-conditioning system on indoor thermal environment
Hiroki Matsunaga | Satoru Iizuka | Masaya Okumiya | Gyuyoung Yoon | Hideharu Niwa

Study of Standardization In The Use of Simulation Tools For Optimization and Evaluation of Green Building Performance In China
Fan Lu | Borong Lin | Bo Peng

The Case Analysis of Green Office Buildings through Physical Environment Simulation
Xiaojian Bi | Conghong Liu

Building performance simulation optimization in carbon trading: a comparative case study
Yao Nie | Borong Lin | Yiwei Lin

The applicability of the high-performance envelop residence in China
Lishen LIN | Da YAN | Jingyi WANG

Web-based Simulation Tool for the 2013 Energy Efficiency Standard for Commercial Buildings in Japan
Masato Miyata | Takao Sawachi | Yasuo Kuwasawa | Yasuhiro Miki | Yoshihiko Akamine

Plug Loads: Usage and Energy Consumption Analysis
Raghunath Shivram Reddy | Vishal Garg | Niranjan Keesara | Asha Swaroopa

Microclimate and Crowd Motion as Decision-making Tools for Urban Planning and Design
Anna Lan | Yi Han | Carl You

A case study of landscape design for residential common space using a thermal environmental simulation tool
Eiko Kumakura | Akinobu Murakami | Kazuaki Nakaohkubo

Predict the quality of outdoor thermal environment with equivalent transformation of thermal boundary condition models
Wenbin Hu

A basic study on numerical simulation methods for sensible heat flux from building external surfaces to the atmosphere
Kan CHEN | Takashi ASAWA

Characteristics of Cold-air Release from Air-conditioned and Open-entrance Shops to Outside Street Spaces in Summer
Takashi Asawa | Yuki Kugimachi

Analysis of the Net Radiation Heat Gain of Buildings by Changing Building Distance in Guangzhou and Sendai
Jialong Hu | Yingli Xuan | Akashi Mochida

Theoretical and Experimental Study of Foliage Heat Transfer Model and its Application in Urban Outdoor Environment
Weichi Jiang | Naiping Gao | Qibin He | Yutong Li

Numerical Simulation of Solar Shading Effect of Urban Trees Using Airborne Laser Scanning-Derived 3D Tree Structures
Haruki Oshio | Takashi Asawa | Akira Hoyano | Satoshi Miyasaka

A CFD Driven Energy Efficiency Optimization of a Single-façade-Residential-Building Thermal Comfort: A General Framework and Case study on Cairo-Egypt
Mahmoud M. AbdelRahman | Osama M.A. Farag | Wael Seddik Moustafa

Large-Eddy Simulation on the gust probability in urban pedestrian spaces
Yasuaki Ikeda | Aya Hagishima | Naoki Ikegaya | Jun Tanimoto

Measurement of Summer Outdoor Thermal Environment of Campus Open Space and Validation the Simulation Model
Guang Chen | Lihua Zhao | Qiong Li

Time Series Analysis of Building Greenery Systems
Geun young Ahn

Development of Databases for Facilitating Green Roof Energy Simulation Assessments
Aloysius Decruz | Georgios Kokogiannakis | Jo Darkwa | Kate Yuan | Paul Strachan

Effects of Pipe Network Diameter and Flow Rate on Unused Energy Source System Performances in Large-scale Horticulture Facilities
Jae Ho Lee | Yeo Beom Yoon | In Tak Hyun | Kwang Ho Lee

Economic Assessment of Employing Unused Energy Sources in Large-scale Horticulture Facilities
In tak Hyun | Jae ho Lee | Yeo beom Yoon | Kwang ho Lee

Survey for the Development of an Early Design Tool for Architects
Hema Rallapalli

Practice and Study on the Total Building Commissioning for a University Facility: Thermal load, Energy consumption data and evaluation of OPR using LCEM Tool
Rindo Suzuki | Masaya Okumiya

Practical research on effective use of simulation for HVAC systems in the retro-commissioning process
Hideki Tanaka | Seiji Ito | Yuki Morikawa | Yasunori Akashi | Motoi Yamaha

Development Of A Fast Simulation-aided-design Method For Office Building In Early Design Stage
Ziwei Li | Borong Lin | Hongzhong Chen

Comparative Study on Annual Heat Load Calculation Tools for Life Cycle Energy Management
Yuka Takahashi | Gyuyoung Yoon | Mika Yoshinaga | Rie Chiba

Fault detection method for heat source system using comparison between simulation and measured data
Yusuke Tai | Daisuke Sumiyoshi | Yasunori Akashi | Yasuhiro Kuwahara | Kenji Ueda | Satoshi Nikaido | Koki Tateishi | Minoru Matsuo

Application of a BIM based Data Model for Real Time Energy Performance Evaluation
HyeunJun Moon | MinSeok Choi

Simulation Study of Thermal Sensation Based Control for Single Family Type Distributed Heating Systems
Peizhang Chen | Fulin Wang | Zheliang Chen

Simulation Study of Automated Blinds Control Strategy for Minimizing Cooling and Lighting Energy Consumptions
Lin Xiao | Fulin Wang | Yachun Gao | Yiwen Di | Tang Gong | Yangyang Qian | Xuan Luo

Design of Fault Detection and Diagnostics Lab for HVAC System
Aviruch Bhatia | Raghunath Reddy | Vishal Garg

A Simplified Method for Stationary Heat Transfer of a Hollow Core Concrete Slab Used for TABS
Tao Yu | Per Heiselberg | Bo Lei | Michal Pomianowski

Evaluation on the Thermal Performance with Thermally Activated Building System (TABS) Using Phase Change Materials
Hyun-Hwa Lee | Yoon-Ji Kim | Jae-Han Lim | Sumin Kim | Seung-Yeong Song

A Study on the R-values Calculation Methods of Reflective Insulation
Jeong Min Choi | Yeojin Kim | Yeonseon Kang

Thermal Losses via Large Slabs on Grade
Pascal Brinks | Oliver Kornadt | René Oly

Analysis of an Indoor Environment with a Hydronic Floor-Heating System under the Sensory Index
Myonghyang Lee | Akihito Ozaki

Energy Saving Effects of Green Roof in Existing Buildings with Low Insulation Levels
Hyeun Jun Moon | Kyeong A An | Seung-Won Han

Net Zero Energy House utilizing solar power
Kotaro Shigemori

Optimization of solar fraction in a PV/T system applied to a liquid desiccant-assisted evaporative cooling system
Eun-ji Lee | Seung-Yeon Ko | Jae-Weon Jeong

Study on Thermal Cascading System Using Solar Thermal System Integrated In Parallel with Co-generation System

Optimum Shading Design in Building Integrated Photovoltaic Overhang
Sumit Sharma | Mayuri Rajput | Sanjay Mathur | Jyotirmay Mathur

Comparison of Different Type of Configurations for Photovoltaic Facade in Composite Climatic Zone of India (NEW DELHI)
Sumit Sharma | Himanshu Gupta | Sanjay Mathur | Jyotirmay Mathur

Balconies in the Shanghai, thermal bridges or sun shadings?
Ye Yang

A Study on the Variation of Heating & Cooling Load by the Various Shading and Performance of Window in Office Buildings
Seok hyun Kim | Keoung ju Shin | Bo en Choi | Jae hun Jo | Young hum Cho | Soo Cho

Testing the Basements Thermal Performance as an Approach to the Earth-Sheltered Buildings Application at Hot Climates, Case Study (Egypt).
Heba Hassan | Takafumi Arima | Aly Ahmed Aly | Daisuke Sumiyoshi | Yasunori Akashi

Research on Temperature and Relative-Humidity
Ryotaro Iwayama | Akihito Ozaki

Fundamental Study on the Moisture Desorption Characteristics of Water-Saturated Concrete
Naoki Tani | Akihito Ozaki

Effect of Window on Building Energy Performance and Indoor Environmental Qquality
Tugce Aker | Cansu Deniz | Altay Tabancacı | Mehmet Selcuk Mert

Evolutionary Algorithm Based Approach of Fenestration to Optimize Energy and Daylight Performance for Large-scale Space
Dan Hou | Gang Liu | Lixiong Wang

Simulation Based Planning of Open Space Working Areas
Normen Langner | David Bewersdorff

The Simulation of Acoustics by ODEON in the Acoustic Design of Assembly Hall

Annual Thermal Load Estimation Using Prior Information and Short-term Measurement Data
Tatsuya Ushiyama

Government Office Buildings Energy Consumption Index Research – by Means of Comparing Simulation and Real Energy Consumption
Yichao WANG

Development of a Simulator for Long-term Prediction of Urban Environmental Loads -Development of CO2 Unit model and Trial of Scenario-
Yuki Nishina | Daisuke Sumiyoshi | Yasunori Akashi

Deterministic vs. Stochastic Calibration of Energy Simulation Model for an Existing Building
Young-Jin Kim | Ki-Cheol Kim | Cheol-Soo Park

Nonlinear Predictive Control of Chiller System using Gaussian Process Model
Young-Jin Kim | Cheol-Soo Park

Random Walk’ Pattern of occupant presence
Deuk-Woo Kim | Pieter de Wilde | Ki-Cheol Kim | Young-Jin Kim | Cheol-Soo Park

Analysis on the influence of occupant behavior patterns to building envelope’s performance on space heating in residential buildings in Shanghai
Siyue GUO | Da YAN | Ying CUI

Behavior Model of Occupants in Home based on Japanese National Time Use Survey
Yohei YAMAGUCHI | Yoshiyuki Shimoda

Validation of an Energy Demand Model of Residential Buildings
Yohei YAMAGUCHI | Yuya Itagaki | Yoshiyuki Shimoda

Development and Validation of Residential Water Heating Demand Simulation Model Reflecting Variation among Households
Kotaro Ukawa | Yohei Yamaguchi | Yoshiyuki Shimoda

Allocating Occupancy Rates to the Micro Census Using Time-Use Data
Marcelo Esteban Munoz Hidalgo

A Models of User Behaviour for Large Apartment Buildings: Analysing the Usage of Domestic Appliances and Their Variations
Hyunju Jang

Impact of clothing and activity level on energy consumption and thermal comfort on the occupants in the residential buildingin cold climate region
Sadaf Alam

Effect of Thermal Performance and Lifestyle on the Thermal Environment and Energy Consumption for a Well-insulated and Airtight Detached House in a Warm Climatic Area
Kahori Genjo | Hiroshi Matsumoto

Occupant Behavior of Space Cooling in High Rise Residential Building in Tropical Climate
Nur Fadhilah Mat Hanip | Sheikh Ahmad Zaki | Aya Hagishima | Jun Tanimoto | Mohamed Sukri Ali

Energy Efficiency Lighting for Buildings – Experiments on occupant behavior and visual comfort on a test bed in a university campus office
Yiqun Pan | Yuan Yao | Dandan Cai | Zhizhong Huang | Nobert Linder

How Can Ssmart Systems Affect Energy Consupmtion and Indoor Environemtal Quality?
Shahryar Habibi

Construction of Visualization of Power Energy Consumption in University Campus: As an Example of Osaka City University Sugimoto Campus
Yuan Jihui | Emura Kazuo | Farnham Craig

Study of Automated Demand Response with use of Application for Estimation of Amount of Demand Restraint and Effect on Indoor Environment
Masato Kawano | Naohiro Tamaki | Takeshi Watanabe

Simulation of Home Appliance Use and Electricity Consumption to Quantify Residential Energy Management Resources
Masakazu Higashino | Takuya Fujimoto | Yohei Yamaguchi | Yoshiyuki Shimoda

Simulation of Energy Management Resources in residential building stock using Home Appliances ~ A case study in local distribution system
Takuya Fujimoto | Masakazu Higashino | Yohei Yamaguchi | Yoshiyuki Shimoda

Influence of Building Shape Coefficient on Energy Consumption of Office Buildings in Hot-Summer-and-Cold-Winter Area of China
Meishun Lin | Yiqun Pan | Weiding Long | Weizhen Chen

A Study of Shanghai Residential Morphology and Microclimate at a Neighborhood Scale based on Energy Consumption
Cong Yu | Yiqun Pan | Weizhen Chen | Weiding Long

Solar Energy Collection Units’ Setup Simulation And Capability Estimation For Urban Designers’ Building Forms
Chengyu SUN | Qunyu LI | Peng TU

BIM-based Simulation Tool for Building Thermal Performance in Built-up Areas
Hidenori Kawai | Asawa Takashi

Systematic Analysis on Sustainable Retrofit of Typical High-rise Community Based on Building Performance Simulation Model

A Wind Tunnel Study on Effect of Scalar Transport between Urban-like Block Array and Air
Juyeon Chung | Aya Hagishima | Naoki Ikegaya | Jun Tanimoto

Large-Eddy Simulation for Turbulent Nature of Flow and Pressure Fields over Urban Building Arrays
Chiyoko Hirose | Aya Hagishima | Naoki Ikegaya | Jun Tanimoto

The analysis of the causes of underground warming using numerical simulation
SEONGMIN YEUN | Makoto KAWASE | Akihito OZAKI | Yuichi SATO | Satoshi YOSHIDA | Satoru SADOHARA

Simulation Study on Impact Factors for Life-cycle Energy Consumption and CO2 Emission of Chinese Housing in Cold Climate Zone
Chunhui Zhang | Borong Lin | Bo Peng

Effect of upstream building arrangement and setback distance on air flow around idealized cubical building arrays
Azli Abd Razak | Tuan Liyana Tuan AB. Rashid | Rashid Hafriz Husam | Sheikh Ahmad Zaki Shaikh Salim | Ahmad Faiz Mohammad

Effects by Downsizing of Heat Source Equipment
Tomoya Suzuki | Daisuke Sumiyoshi | Fei Zhao | Chiharu Murakoshi | Tomoji Nagoda | Fumitaka Suda

Effect of Energy Saving and Peak Power Reduction by Combination of Several Thermal Storage Methods ―The formulation of the secondary side simulation model and the review of the method to operate the soil heat- storage system―
Kasumi Nakaguma | Daisuke Sumiyoshi | Yasunori Akashi | Harunori Yoshida | Takao Katsura | Yuichiro Amano | Mitsuhiro Onosaka | Toshihiro Yasuoka

A Study on the Operation Method of Geothermal Heat pump system for Improvement of Energy Efficiency
Young-Ju Jung | Hyo-Jun Kim | Jae-Hun Jo | Yong-Shik Kim | Young-Hum Cho

Efficiency Evaluation of Packaged Air-Conditioning System with Different Patterns of Compressor Operation
Hideki Yamaguchi | Masato Miyata | Takao Sawachi | Keisuke Ohno | Kiyoshi Saito

Energy performance of balanced heat recovery systems with different terminal systems
Dae Uk Shin | Tae Ha Leigh | Goo Sang Joe | Min Gi Kim | Myoung Souk Yeo | Kwang Woo Kim

A Simplified model for estimating the regeneration effectiveness of a counter flow regenerator for a liquid desiccant system
Min-Hwi Kim | Hong-Jae Cho | Jae-Weon Jeong

Study on Performance Evaluation and Modeling of Temperature and Humidity Independent Control of Air Conditioning System based on Operation Data
Makiko Ukai | Hiroaki Tanaka | Masaya Okumiya | Hideki Tanaka

A study on reducing the energy demand of a liquid desiccant dehumidifier with a radiant panel system
Tae Ha Leigh | Dea Uk Shin | Goo Sang Joe | Min Gi Kim | Myoung Souk Yeo | Kwang Woo Kim

Applicability of a fuel cell for primary energy saving in a liquid desiccant and evaporative cooling assisted 100% outdoor air system
Su-Young Jo | Joon-Young Park | Jae-Weon Jeong

Evaluation of A Plate Desiccant Outdoor Air-conditioning System Utilizing Cogenerated Hot Water Using A Numerical Model
Takashi Baba | Eeungyong Park | Tatsuo Nagai

Radiant Cooling : A Case Study of Energy Savings and its Enhancement in an Office Building
Vaibhav Rai Khare | Yasin Khan | Jyotirmay Mathur | Mahabir Bhandari

A study on the Determination of Minimum Airflow Setpoint of Single Duct VAV Terminal Units
Hyo-Jun Kim | Young-Hum Cho

Simplified effectiveness estimation model for a wet coil indirect evaporative cooler based on the effectiveness NTU model
Min-Hwi Kim | Seul-Ki Han | Jae-Weon Jeong

Research on VAV-Box Control Performance Evaluation based on Hardware and Software Simulation
Yimin Chen | Jie Wu | Zhuangju Li | Junhua Zhuang | Dong Wei