These are the existing IBPSA Regional Affiliates throughout the world. We invite interested persons in other countries and/or regions to consider forming a regional affiliate organization. Details for submitting a proposal to form an IBPSA affiliate may be found in our regionalization guidelines. [PDF Version]

Contact details: IBPSA Affiliate representatives are part of the IBPSA Board of Directors. Contact details are listed here.

Argentina IBPSA Argentina
Australasia IBPSA Australasia
Brazil IBPSA Brazil
Canada IBPSA Canada
China IBPSA China
Chile IBPSA Chile
Czech Republic IBPSA Czech Republic
Danube IBPSA Danube
Egypt IBPSA Egypt
England IBPSA England
France IBPSA France
Germany IBPSA Germany
India IBPSA India
Indonesia IBPSA Indonesia
Iran IBPSA Iran
Ireland IBPSA Ireland
Italy IBPSA Italy
Japan IBPSA Japan
Korea IBPSA Korea
Mexico IBPSA Mexico
Netherlands + Flanders IBPSA NVL
Nordic IBPSA Nordic
Poland IBPSA Poland
Russia IBPSA Russia
Scotland IBPSA Scotland
Singapore IBPSA Singapore
Slovakia IBPSA Slovakia
Spain IBPSA Spain
Switzerland IBPSA Switzerland
Turkey IBPSA Turkey
United Arab Emirates IBPSA UAE
Vietnam IBPSA-Vietnam