IBPSA Education

International Building Performance Simulation Association has set up an education committee to promote educational activities in coherence with IBPSA’s agenda.  Following are key mandates of education committee.


To identify education and training needs throughout the building simulation performance community including academia, private sector and government.


To initiate, develop, encourage and/or coordinate new education material and methods.


Offer training sessions to member as well as non-members.

As part of this, IBPSA has undertaken following three activities. 


IBPSA is presently offering two kind of webinars. They are:


IBPSA Education Webinars’. The IBPSA published its first book, ‘Building Performance Simulation for Design and Operation’ with contributions from 21 expert co-authors across the world. This 536 page book provides a unique and comprehensive overview of Building Performance Simulation for the complete building life cycle from conception to demolition. Based on this book, IBPSA has organised a series of online webinars. Chapter authors have graciously agreed to offer 30 min webinar followed by Q & A. Each webinar is focused on individual chapter of this book.


IBPSA conference keynote collection series’. Intent of these special edition webinars is to share IBPSA’s regional conference keynote addresses and other significant lectures by eminent thought leaders in area of building performance simulation.


All webinars are free of cost. IBPSA makes announcement of these webinar on its website, on social media and to selected email groups.  Recordings of IBPSA webinars are available on YouTube channel of ‘IBPSA University’


IBPSA Education committee is collating information on building performance simulation (BPS) education around the world. It is synthesising information on various pedagogy and curriculum followed in various academic institutes across the world.


IBPSA Education committee is also collecting case studies of real life projects where BPS have been deployed extensively to achieve exemplary performance.