Building Simulation 2015

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List of sessions

Advanced Building Simulation

Steady-State Psychrometric Analysis of HVAC Circuits

Christian Ghiaus

The Effects of Rooflights on Energy Performance of A Commercial Retail Building in A Sub-Tropical And A Temperate Climate

M Mahmudul Hasan, Heap-Yih Chong, Kuntal Dutta, Tulimalli Vamsi Krishna

Peak Shaving And Economy for Load Leveling using Energy Network Simulation Tool

Kuniaki Mihara, Yoshinobu Arai, Eikichi Ono

Prediction of Daylight Areas with the Use of Students Assessment And Computer Simulation in the Tropics: Case Studies in Bandung, Indonesia

Rizki Armanto Mangkuto, Anindya Dian Asri, Mardliyahtur Rohmah, F.X. Nugroho Soelami, R.M. Soegijanto

Reducing the Computing Time of Multi-Objective Building Optimisation using Self-Adaptive Sequential Model Assessment

Christoph Waibel, Alfonso P. Ramallo-González, Ralph Evins, Jan Carmeliet

Support for Energy And Comfort Management in An Office Building using Smart Electrochromic Glazing: Dynamic Simulations

Youness Ajaji, Philippe André

Emergence-Based Approach to Computational Fluid Dynamics

Ljubomir Jankovic

Nze Retrofit using Calibrated Model, Optimization Techniques And Regression Graphs

Sukreet Singh

Prediction of the Energy Demand in the Japanese Residential Sector in 2030 by Residential Energy End-Use Model

Ayako Taniguchi, Takuya Inoue, Masaya Otsuki, Yohei Yamaguchi, Yoshiyuki Shimoda

Multi-Objective Parametric Studies of Exterior Shading During Early Design Phases

Elliot Glassman

Optimization-Based Calibration for the Building Performance Energy Simulation: A Case Study

Valentina Monetti, Elisabeth Davin, Enrico Fabrizio, Philippe André, Marco Filippi

On the High Resolution Simulation of Building/ Plant Systems

Joe Clarke, Jeremy Cockroft, Jon Hand, Nick Kelly, Aizaz Samuel, Dechao Tang

The Potential of Opaque Adaptive Façade for Office Building in A Temperate Climate

Qian Jin, Fabio Favoino, Mauro Overend

Comparison of Different Meta Model Approaches with A Detailed Building Model for Long-Term Simulations

Johannes Maderspacher, Philipp Geyer, Thomas Auer, Werner Lang

Usability And Information Management of Energy Simulation Inputs: A Comparison Between 3 Tools

Aida Farzaneh, Danielle Monfet, Daniel Forgues

Testing RAPMOD, can a Portable scanner Collect Existing Building Data and Create an Energy Model Faster and More Accurately than a Human

Annie Marston, Eric Turner, Oliver Baumann, Phil Haves, Avideh Zakhor

The Implications of Transporting Architecture on Human Health

Matthew Eames, Mike Wood, Peter Challenor

Evaluation of Refurbishment Strategies for Post-War Office Buildings

Ozlem Duran, Simon Taylor, Kevin Lomas

A Portable Laboratory-Radiance Cyber-Physical System for Advanced Daylighting Simulation

Alex Robert Mead, Khalid M. Mosalam

Evaluation of Impact of New Residential Water Heater Dissemination by Residential Energy End-Use Model

Takuya Inoue, Ayako Taniguchi, Masaya Otsuki, Yohei Yamaguchi, Yoshiyuki Shimoda

A Novel Numerical Model for the Thermal Impact of Fountains

Fei Xue, Xiaofeng Li

Energy-Efficiency in Educational Buildings in Iran: Analysis And Measures

Youness Yousefi, Sajad Yousefi, Yousef Yousefi

Robustness Assessment of A Near Zero Energy Dwelling for Varying Occupant Behaviour

Ana Maria Stefanoiu, Wout Parys, Monika Woloszyn, Etienne Wurtz, Arnaud Jay

Simulation Driven Design for Kinetic System: Optimize Kaleidocycle Façade Configuration for Daylighting Adequacy in Hot Arid Climates

Yomna Elghazi, Ayman Wagdy, Sahar Abdalwahab

Building Energy Modelling At Urban Scale: Integration of Reduced Order Energy Model with Geographical Information

Qi Li, Steven Jige Quan, Godfried Augenbroe, Jason Brown, Perry Pei-Ju Yang

U.S. Department of Energy’s Asset Score Sensitivity And Scale Implementation

Nicholas Long, Supriya Goel, Henry Horsey

The Application of Inverse Approach to the Early Stage of the Performance-Based Building Design

Roya Rezaee, Jason Brown, Godfried Augenbroe,John Haymaker

Exploratory Spatial Data Analysis of Building Energy in Urban Environments

Wei Tian, Lai Wei, Song Yang, Pieter De Wilde, Qingxin Meng

Spatial Variation of Urban Building Energy Analysis

Wei Tian, Song Yang, Lai Wei, Qingxin Meng

Architectural Student’S Attitude Towards Building Energy Modeling: A Pilot Study to Improve Integrated Design Education

Shan He, Ulrike Passe

High Resolution Energy Simulations At City Scale

Wei Tian, Adam Rysanek, Ruchi Choudhary, Yeonsook Heo

Chaos Time Series Model for Nonlinear Multi-Step Ahead Prediction

Youngjin Kim, Cheolsoo Park, Kwangwoo Kim

Is it Possible to Use A Single Reduced Model for A Number of Buildings in Urban Energy Simulation?

Eui-Jong Kim, Xi He, Jean-Jacques Roux, Kévyn Johannes, Frédéric Kuznik

Qualitative Analysis of the Use of Building Performance Simulation in the Australian Retrofitting Industry

Daniel Daly, Paul Cooper, Zhenjun Ma

Thermal Building Modelling Adapted to District Energy Simulation

Nicolas Perez, Peter Riederer, Christian Inard, Vincent Partenay

Performance Evaluation of Radiant Cooling System in Composite Climate

Anuj Sharma, Prateek Srivastava, Jyotirmay Mathur, Mahabir Bhandari

A Sensitivity Analysis on Glare Detection Parameters

Mandana Sarey Khanie, Yiyuan Jia, Jan Wienold, Marilyne Andersen

Modeling Energy Impacts of Passive Attic Ventilation in the Southwestern United States

Dmitriy Burdzhalov, Joe Prijyanonda, Michael Daukoru, Donney Dorton

Hygrothermal Analysis of Characteristic Public Building Rooms Before Energy Efficient Retrofitting Solutions

Oussama Souaihi, Roser Capdevila, Joan López, Oriol Lehmkuhl, Joaquim Rigola

Online Calculator for Evaluating Site Planning Impacts – Experience of Developing Heat Island Tool for GRIHA LD

Kiran Kumar D E V S, Apoorv Vij, Mohini Singh

Annex 60

A New Method for the Optimal Chiller Sequencing Control

Sen Huang, Wangda Zuo, Michael Sohn

Generation of Dynamic Energetic District Models from Statistical Relationships

Christoph Nytsch-Geusen, Werner Kaul

Structuring the Building Performance Modelica Model Library Aixlib for Open Collaborative Development

Marcus Fuchs, Ana Constantin, Moritz Lauster, Peter Remmen, Rita Streblow, Dirk Müller

Adaptive Thermal Building Models And Methods for Scalable Simulations of Multiple Buildings using Modelica

Moritz Lauster, Marcus Fuchs, Max Huber, Peter Remmen, Rita Streblow, Dirk Müller

OpenIDEAS – An Open Framework for integrated District Energy Simulations

Ruben Baetens, Roel De Coninck, Filip Jorissen, Damien Picard, Lieve Helsen, Dirk Saelens

IEA Annex 60 Activity 2.3 Model use during operation: approach and case studies

Raymond Sterling, Alberto Giretti, Marco Bonvini, Zheng O’Neill, Michael Wetter, Mats Vande Cavey, Andrea Costa, Gesa Boehme, Wangda Zuo, Ralf Klein, Bing Dong, Marcus M. Keane

Gradient-Based Optimal Control of Batteries And HVAC in District Energy Systems

Marco Bonvini, Michael Wetter

Holzkirchen House Modelling using Modelica Buildings Library And Comparison with Measurements

Stéphanie Bontemps, Laurent Mora

An Open Framework for Integrated Bim-Based Building Performance Simulation using Modelica

Peter Remmen, Jun Cao, Ebertshäuser Sebastian, Jérôme Frisch, Moritz Lauster, Tobias Maile, James O’Donnell, Pinheiro Sergio, Jörg Rädler, Rita Streblow, Matthis Thorade, Reinhard Wimmer, Dirk
Müller, Christoph Nytsch-Geusen, Christoph Van Treeck

Modelica Buildings Library 2.0

Michael Wetter, Marco Bonvini, Thierry Stephane Nouidui, Wangda Zuo, Wei Tian

Iea Ebc Annex 60 Modelica Library – An International Collaboration to Develop A Free Open-Source Model Library for Buildings And Community Energy Systems

Michael Wetter, Marcus Fuchs, Pavel Grozman, Lieve Helsen, Filip Jorissen, Moritz Lauster, Dirk Müller, Christoph Nytsch-Geusen, Damien Picard, Per Sahlin, Matthis Thorade

Prototyping the Next Generation EnergyPlus Simulation Engine

Michael Wetter, Thierry Stephane Nouidui, Christopher Brooks, Edward A. Lee, David Lorenzetti, Amir Roth

Exploiting Variable Structure Modeling in the Context of Building Simulations Within Modelica

Jens Möckel, Alexandra Mehlhase, Christoph Nytsch-Geusen

Implementation of Advanced Bim-Based Mapping Rules for Automated Conversions to Modelica

Reinhard Wimmer, Jun Cao, Peter Remmen, Tobias Maile, James O’Donnell, Jérôme Frisch, Matthis Thorade, Rita Streblow, Dirk Müller, Christoph Van Treeck

Parameter Identification for Low-Order Building Models using Optimization Strategies

Alexander Inderfurth, Christoph Nytsch-Geusen, Carles Ribas Tugores

A Flexible Model Transformation to Link Bim with Different Modelica Libraries for Building Energy Performance Simulation

Jun Cao, Reinhard Wimmer, Matthis Thorade, Tobias Maile, James O’Donnell, Jörg Rädler, Jérôme Frisch, Christoph Van Treeck

A Zonal Room Model in Combined Simulation with A Physiological Human Response Model to Quantify Indoor Heat Stress Risks

Katharina Mucha, Christoph Nytsch-Geusen, Daniel Wölki, Christoph Van Treeck

Optimal Control of Chiller Plants using Bayesian Network

Ana Carolina Laurini Malara, Sen Huang, Wangda Zuo, Michael Sohn, Nurcin Celik

Agent-Based Control of A Neighborhood: A Generic Approach by Coupling Modelica with Python

Arnout Aertgeerts, Roel Deconick, Lieve Helsen, Bert Claessens

Evaluating Control Performance on Building HVAC Controllers

Yanfei Li, Zheng O’Neill, Fuxin Niu

Sensor Handling in Building Information Models. Development of A Method And Application on A Case Study

Ando Ludovic Andriamamonjy, Ralf Klein, Dirk Saelens

Building Information Modelling

On Key Parameters Influencing Building Energy Performance

Elisa Olivero, Emmanuel Onillon, Patrick Beguery, Romain Brunet, Sophie Marat, Marc Azar

Early Stage Building Performance Modeling: Case Study of A Large Residential Community in India

Priyamwada Singh, Pallavi Mantha,Soumitree Devadutt

Leveraging Building Design Model from Energy Performance Model: from an IFC/BIM to Cometh Simulation Engine

Emira El Asmi, Sylvain Robert, Khaldoun Zreik, Bruno Hilaire

A Methodology to Automatically Generate Geometry And Material Inputs for Energy Performance Simulation from Ifc Bim Models

Georgios I. Giannakis, Georgios N. Lilis, Miguel Angel Garcia, Giorgos D. Kontes, Cesar Valmaseda, Dimitrios V. Rovas

BIM Geometry Generation from Low-resolution Aerial Photographs for Building Energy Modeling

Jun Cao, Henning Metzmacher, James O’Donnell, Christoph Van Treeck,Leif Kobbelt

Application of Archetype Modeling to Estimate Hourly Electricity Demand of Commercial Sector of Keihanshin Metropolitan Area, Japan

Taiga Okamoto, Yohei Yamaguchi, Yusuke Miyachi, Yoshiyuki Shimoda

Material Across Scales: Combining Material Flow Analysis And Life Cycle Assessment to Promote Efficiency in A Neighborhood Building Stock

Irmak Turan, John Fernandez

Energy Efficient Renovation of Heritage Residential Buildings using Modelica Simulations

Elisa Van Kenhove, Arnout Aertgeerts, Jelle Laverge, Arnold Janssens

Integrated Engineering And Architecture for Energy Efficient Academic Buildings

M. Pinar Menguc, Yasemin Somuncu, Utku Simitli, Burak Sefer, Sahin Caglayan, Saadet Ozcan

Application of Spatial-Temporal Clustering to Facilitate Energy System Modelling

Julien François Marquant, Akomeno Orowo Omu, Kristina Orehounig, Ralph Evins, Jan Carmeliet

Development of the CityGML Application Domain Extension Energy for Urban Energy Simulation

Romain Nouvel, Jean-Marie Bahu, Robert Kaden, Jerome Kaempf, Piergiorgio Cipriano, Moritz Lauster, Karl-Heinz Haefele, Esteban Munoz, Olivier Tournaire, Egbert Casper

Work Order Processing Time – Does BIM Make a Difference…?

Sarel Lavy, Nishaant Saxena

Model Identification for the Control of Naturally Ventilated Buildings

Joshua Stephen Sykes, Elizabeth Abigail Hathway, Peter Rockett

Enriching the Digital Cadastre with Material Properties for An Urban Simulation of Heat Demand And Life Cycle Analysis

Marcelo Esteban Munoz Hidalgo

Investigation of Energy Consumption in Office Building using Thermal And Hygrothermal Simulation Models

Prechaya Mahattanatawe, Tayagorn Charuchaimontri

Urban Energy Simulation Based on A New Data Model Paradigm: the CityGML Application Domain Extension Energy. A Case Study in the EPFL Campus of Lausanne

Silvia Coccolo, Jerome Henri Kaempf

Urban Energy Information Modeling – A Framework for Coupling Macro-Micro Factors Affecting Building Energy Consumption

Shalini Ramesh, Khee Poh Lam

Building Physics

Evaluation of the Influence of Climate Warming And Building Ageing on Building Energy Consumption

David Waddicor, Elena Fuentes, Laura Sisó, Jaume Salom, Bérenger Favre, Christel Jiménez, Marc Azar, Rehan Khodabuccus

Hygrothermal Behaviour of Hemp –Starch Comoposite for Roof Applications

Chadi Maalouf, Tala Moussa, Sandrine Umurigirwa, Ton Hoang Mai

An Enhanced Sampling-Based Approach to Urban Energy Modelling

Neda Ghiassi, Kristopher Hammerberg, Mahnameh Taheri, Ulrich Pont, Owat Sunanta, Ardeshir Mahdavi

Coupling Simulation And Neural Network for Predicting Building Electricity Consumption At the Urban Scale

Yuezhong Liu, Rudi Stouffs, Abel Tablada

Genetic Algorithm Based Building Form Optimization Study for Natural Ventilation Potential

Bing Wang, Ali Malkawi

Investigation of Unsteady Thermal Response Characteristics of Hollow Bricks Exposed to Sinusoidal Solar Thermal Excitation

Ashok Babu Puttaranga Setty Talanki, Saboor Shaik

A Novel Methodology for Generating Household Electricity Demand Profiles

Selin Yilmaz, Steven Firth, David Allinson

CEN EPBD Standards – the New Generation : An overview with Emphasis on Ventilation and Cooling Related Standards

Gerhard Zweifel

Natural Ventilation Assessment of An Existing Apartment Building in the Mediterranean using Time-Dependent CFD

Efi Spentzou, Malcolm Cook, Chih Lung Lin

A Comparison Between Gaussian Process Emulation And Genetic Algorithms for Optimising Energy Use of Buildings

Mike Wood, Matthew Eames,Peter Challenor

Identifying the Ideal Topology of Simple Models Used to Represent Dwellings

Alfonso P. Ramallo-González, David A. Coley, Matthew Brown

Data-Driven Simple Thermal Models: the Radiator-Gas Consumption Model

Vanda Dimitriou, Steven K. Firth, Tarek M. Hassan, Tom Kane, Michael Coleman

Aggregation of Building Energy Demands for City-Scale Models

Panagiota Gianniou, Alfred Heller, Per Sieverts Nielsen, Kristoffer Negendahl, Carsten Rode

Evaluating the Environmental Performance of Indoor Plants in Buildings

Georgios Kokogiannakis, Paul Cooper

Grey-Box Modelling for Naturally Ventilated Buildings

Ghjuvan Antone Faggianelli, Adrien Brun, Etienne Wurtz, Marc Muselli

Simulation of Relative Humidity,Temperature And Modelling of Mould Growth in Exterior Walls Isolated with Straw Bales in A Southern Swedish Climate

David Tycho Kigen Ramberg, Per Jeppson, Alice Wang

Thermal And Acoustical Simlation of Open Space Working Areas in Commerical Buildings Equipped with Thermally Activated Buildiung Systems

Normen Langner, David Bewersdorff

Framing the Impact of Building Massing on Net-Zero Achievability

Demba Ndiaye

Stringency Analysis of Building Envelope Energy Conservation Measures in 5 Climatic Zones of India

Govinda Somani, Mayank Bhatnagar

Role of Insulation in Energy Consumption in Commercial And Office Buildings

Jayanthi Raju Vadivelu, Bhattacharjee Bishwajit, Scartezzini Jean Louis

Simple Surface Climate Models for Modelling Mould Growth on Wooden Façades

Thomas Thiis, Dimitrios Kraniotis, Ingunn Burud, Lone R. Gobakken

Grey-Box System Identification of Building Thermal Dynamics using Only Smart Meter And Air Temperature Data

Lorenzo Nespoli, Vasco Medici, Roman Rudel

CFD and Airflow in Buildings

A Method for Estimating Cooling Energy Savings Potential from using Mixed-Mode Ventilation

Bin Yan, Ali Malkawi, Yujiao Chen

A Bibliographic Survey of Number of Cells Needed in CFD Analysis of Room Air Flow

Koji Sakai, Hiroki Ono, Kazuhide Ito, Takashi Kurabuchi

An Empirically-based Assessment of CFD Utility in Urban-level Air Flow Studies

Rukiye Cetin, Ardeshir Mahdavi

Implicit Large Eddy Simulation of Flow And Dispersion Around Buildings

Hiroki Ono

Assessment of Modeling Slatted Floor As Porous Media in Livestock Buildings in Two Ventilation Systems

Li Rong, Bjarne Bjerg, Guoqiang Zhang

CFD-Assisted Design and Optimization of Solar Chimneys for Elementary School Classrooms

Justin C Deblois, Demba Ndiaye

Validation of Open Source CFD Applied to Building External Flows

Rallou Dadioti, Simon Rees

Wind Control Simulation of Stadium Based on Morphological Analysis

Deming Liu, Yang Lu, Ge Yu

Influence of Wind Direction on Wind-Driven Rain Load Boundary Condition for Ham Simulation on High Rise Buildings with Usage of Traditional Cement-Lime Coatings

Peter Juras, Pavol Durica

Study on Modeling Method in Modularizing HVAC Elements for CFD Software

Ken Fukada, Koji Sakai, Hiroki Ono

Evaluation of Thermal Environment Around the Blind on Non-Uniform Radiant Fields A CFD Simulation of Heat Transfer Distribution Near the Blinds

Nozomi Saito, Hiroki Ono, Ryoichi Kajiya, Koji Sakai

Application of Hybrid Ventilation System in A Pig House – Study of Winter Case

Li Rong, Erling F. Pedersen, Guoqiang Zhang

Comparison Between the Wind Tunnel Experiment and CFD Analysis intended for Apartment house,Study of Standard k-e model and Durbin model

Kazuki Yamada, Yoshifusa Nishimura, Koji Sakai, Ryoichi Kajiya

Hybrid Ventilation: Software Coupling for the Analysis of A Mixed Mode Design in A Tropical Monsoon Climate

Erik André Chisholm

Modelling Mechanically Ventilated Double Skin Facades with Integrated Shading Device

Alessandro Dama, Diego Angeli

CFD Simulation And Measurement of the Heat Transfer from Building Material Probes to the Indoor Environment

Conrad Voelker,Markus Diewald

Building Fire Safety: Numerical Simulation And Evacuation Planning

Vatsal Sanjay, Arup Kumar Das

Effect of Window Filtration Ventilator on Indoor Thermal Comfort And Air Quality

Jiayu Li, Yuefei Hou, Junjie Liu

CFD Simulation of Airflow Due to Door Motion using A Momentum Source Method.

Elizabeth Abigail Hathway, Ilias Papakonstantis

Numerical Study of the Building External Convective Heat Transfers: Effects of the Building Topology And Urban Context

Lucie Merlier, Christian Obrecht, Frédéric Kuznik, Gilles Rusaouen, Julien Hans

Airflow Pattern And Performance Analysis of Diffuse Ceiling Ventilation in An Office Room using CFD Study

Chen Zhang, Qingyan Chen, Per Heiselberg, Michal Pomianowski

Development of Personalized Radiant Cooling System for An Office Room

Vaibhav Khare, Anuj Mathur, Jyotirmay Mathur, Mahabir Bhandari

Inverse Identification of Multiple Pollutant Sources

Yun Wei, Tengfei Zhang

Climate & Microclimate

Robustness Assessment Methodology for the Evaluation of Building Performance with A View to Climate Uncertainties

Giorgia Chinazzo, Parag Rastogi, Marilyne Andersen

Impact of Solar Irradiation Models on Simulated Hourly Energy Performance of Buildings

Giovanni Pernigotto, Alessandro Prada, Paolo Baggio, Andrea Gasparella, Ardeshir Mahdavi

Embedding Stochasticity in Building Simulation Through Synthetic Weather Files

Parag Rastogi, Marilyne Andersen

Simulation-Based Assessment of UHI Mitigation Measures in Central European Cities

Milena Vuckovic, Aida Maleki, Kristina Kiesel, Ardeshir Mahdavi

Multi-Scale Modelling to Improve Climate Data for Building Energy Models

Dasaraden Mauree, Jérome Kämpf, Jean-Louis Scartezzini

The Effect of Green Roofs on Pedestrian Level Air Temperature

Elmira Jamei, Priyadarsini Rajagopalan

Microclimate Effects on Building Energy Use: A Methodological Approach

Jan Carmeliet, Jonas Allegrini, Viktor Dorer, Dominique Derome

Integrated Computational Approach for Predicting And Understanding Wind-Driven Rain on Buildings in Urban Environments

Dominique Derome, Aytaç Kubilay, Jae Bong Lee, Thijs Defraeye, Jan Carmeliet

Development of Typical Year Weather Files for 59 Indian Locations

Yu Joe Huang, Jyotirmay Mathur, Vikram Murthy, Vishal Garg

Simulation Research of Wind And Thermal Environment in Residential District

Yiqun Pan, Yong Sun, Jiachen Mao, Peng Xu

Spatial Variations in Overheating Risk of Dwellings Under A Changing Climate: A Case Study of Sheffield, Uk

Chunde Liu, David Coley

Evaluating the Multizone Model for Street Canyon Airflow in High Density Cities

Jianxiang Huang, Anqi Zhang, Rong Peng

Assessment of Climate Severity for A Typical Residential Building in Ouagadougou

Madi Kabore, Etienne Wurtz, Adamah Messan, Alexis Duret

Urban Development Patterns And Entrenched Heat Island – A Distinctive Approach to Study Heat Island Intensity

Mohini Singh

Commissioning and Control

Calibration And Modeling for A Dashboard That Provides Real-Time Feedback on Energy Saving Strategies

Justin C Deblois, William O Collinge, Melissa M Bilec, Laura A Schaefer

Optimisation of Supply Air Temperature Control for VAV Systems in Temperate Australia

Paul Bannister, Hongsen Zhang

Development of A Tool for Retrofitting Investments in Shopping Centres

Matthias Haase, Kristian Skeie, Nicola Lolli, Federico Noris

Model Development for Simulation Based Global Optimization of Energy Efficient Data Centres

Vojtech Zavrel, J. Ignacio Torrens, John D. Bynum, Jan L.M. Hensen

Comparison of Predictive Models for Forecasting Building Heating And Cooling Loads

Dimitrios-Stavros Kapetanakis, Eleni Mangina, El Hassan Ridouane, Konstantinos Kouramas, Donal P. Finn

Simulation of Energy Use in UK Supermarkets using EnergyPlus

Henry Witt, Simon Taylor, Kevin Lomas, Rob Liddiard

Decentralized Optimal Control of Variable Speed Parallel-Connected Pumps

Yunchuang Dai, Ziyan Jiang, Peizhang Chen

Double Service Air-To-Water Heat Pump Performances: How Do Control Parameters Influence Electricity Consumption And Thermal Comfort?

Alberto Tejeda, Philippe Riviere, Anamaria Milu, Dominique Marchio

Optimizing the Total Energy Consumption And Co2 Emissions by Distributing it Workload Among Worldwide Dispersed Data Centers

Frank T. Van Schie, Vojtech Zavrel, J. Ignacio Torrens, Tom F.W. Hundertmark, Jan L.M. Hensen

Lessons Learnt from A Simulation-Based Appraoch to Teaching Building Science to Designers

Christoph Reinhart, Timur Dogan, Jeffrey Geisinger, Emmanouil Saratsis

Development And Comparison of Machine Learning Models for Building Simulation of Existing Buildings

Young-Min Kim, Ki-Uhn Ahn, Cheol-Soo Park

Ventilative Cooling Control Strategies Applied to Passive House in Order to Avoid Indoor Overheating

Rebeca Barbosa, Martin Barták, Jan L.M Hensen, Marcel G.L.C Loomans

Hydrogen Production from RES,Storage and Reconversion in Fuel Cells

Concettina Marino, Antonino Nucara, Matilde Pietrafesa, Andrea Tripodi

Genetic Optimisation of Indoor Environmental Parameters for Energy Use And Comfort – A Case Study for Cool-Humid Climate

Kornel Dome Deme, Zsofia Belafi, Adrienn Gelesz, Andras Reith

Optimizing Natural Ventilation Design in A Large Factory Building using Simulation

Fulin Wang, Zheliang Chen, Chen Chen, Yansheng Liu

Towards Seamless Integration of Model-Based Energy Performance Simulation And Multi-Objective Optimization Tools

Ana Ionesi, Muhyiddine Jradi, Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard, Christian Veje

Development And On-Line Tuning of An Empirically Based Steady-State Model for Centrifugal Chillers

Yiqun Pan, Baiqiu Tian, Jiachen Mao, Zhizhong Huang, Peng Xu


Towards An Integrated Framework for Predicting Visual Comfort Conditions from Luminance-Based Metrics in Perimeter Daylit Spaces

J. Alstan Jakubiec, Christoph F. Reinhart, Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg

Sensitivity Analysis Studying the Impact of Reflectance Values Assigned in Climate-Based Daylight Modelling

Eleonora Brembilla, John Mardaljevic, Christina Hopfe

Human Perceptions of Daylight Composition in Architecture: A Preliminary Study to Compare Quantitative Contrast Measures with Subjective User Assessments in HDR Renderings

Siobhan Francois Rockcastle, Marilyne Andersen

Solving Glare Problems in Architecture Through Integration of Hdri Image Techniques And Modeling with Diva

Zhe Kong, Michael Utzinger, Lei Liu

Study on Lighting Energy Consumption Prediction Model of Office Buildings in Harbin,China using Diva

Cheng Sun, Lei Liu, Zhe Kong

Validation of Gpu Lighting Simulation in Naturally And Artificially Lit Spaces

Nathaniel L Jones, Christoph F Reinhart

Fast Daylight Coefficient Calculation using Graphics Hardware

Nathaniel L Jones, Christoph F Reinhart

Spectral Lighting Simulations: Computing Circadian Light

Mehlika Inanici, Martin Brennan, Edward Clark

Light Trespass Protection in A Glazed Office Building: How the Shading System Works?

Jiangtao Du, Xin Zhang

Potential Impact of using Building Performance Simulation in Urban Central Areas for Architecture And Urban Planning Design

Raul Fernando Ajmat, Victoria Longhini, Jose Domingo Sandoval

Daylight Performance Evaluation of Laser Cut Panels in Office Buildings- A Case of Indian Cities

Hema Mulchandani, Agam Shah, Rajan Rawal, Charlie Curcija

Energy Storage

Optimal Sizing of A Complex Energy System Integrating Management Strategies for A Grid-Connected Building

Dinh Van Binh, Delinchant Benoit, Wurtz Frédéric

Review of the Assessment of Thermal Mass in Whole Building Performance Simulation Tools

Eirini Mantesi, Malcolm Cook, Jacqueline Glass, Christina J. Hopfe

Dynamic Activation of Structural Thermal Mass in A Multi-Zonal Building with Due Regard to Thermal Comfort

Henryk Wolisz

The Effect of Hot Water Use Patterns on Heating Load And Demand Shifting Opportunities

Aizaz Samuel, Nick Kelly, Tuohy Paul

Operation Flexibility of Building Energy Systems with Thermal Storages

Sebastian Stinner, Rita Streblow, Dirk Müller

Simulation for the Evaluation of Energy Management Algorithms At the District Level – Example of Use Case from the Ambassador Project

Patrick Beguery, Peter Pflaum, Nelly Rousset, Franck Bourry, Audrey Wantier

Potential of Demand And Production Shifting in Residential Buildings by using Home Energy Management Systems

Patrick Wimmer, Christian Kandler, Johannes Honold

Phase Change Materials for Autonomous Energy Storage in Buildings

Saleh Nasser Al-Saadi

Energy Saving in Building using PCM in Windows

Rouhollah Ahmadi, Amir Shahcheraghian

Impacts of Uncertainty in Energy Modelling Widely Used in Aggressive Energy Efficiency Regulations

Nishesh Jain, Dr. Alfonso P. Ramallo-González, Dr. Sukumar Natarajan

Fault Detection and Diagnostics

Is Thermal Insulation Always Beneficial in Hot Climates?

Ana Paula Melo, Roberto Lamberts,Yi Zhang

An Approach Towards Reactive Energy Management Coupled with An Anticipative Bems

Mahendra Pratap Singh, Stéphane Ploix, Frederic Wurtz

Use of Building Energy Performance Simulation for Structural Analysis of Historic Building

Michala Balounova, Federica Greco, Karel Kabele, Petr Kabele

Multifactorial Analysis of Functioning Efficiency of Building Heat Consumption Intelligent Distributed Control System

Pavel Strizhak, Maxim Morozov

Daylighting in Hospital Patient Rooms: Parametric Workflow And Genetic Algorithms for An Optimum Façade Design

Ahmed Sherif, Hanan Sabry, Ayman Wagdy, Rasha Arafa

Thermal Simulation: A Backup for Building Thermography Applications to Detect Delamination

Ecem Edis

Human Aspects in Simulation

A Systematic Assessment of the Sensitivity of Building Performance Simulation Results with Regard to Occupancy-Related Input Assumptions

Farhang Tahmasebi, Ardeshir Mahdavi

Analysis of Factors Influencing Occupant Window Opening Behaviour in An Office Building in Beijing, China

Shen Wei, Chuanqi Xu, Song Pan, Jiale Su, Yunmo Wang, Xiaoyan Luo, Tarek Hassan, Steven Firth, Farid Fouchal, Rory Jones, Pieter De Wilde

Dynamic Bayesian Networks to Simulate Occupant Behaviours in Office Buildings Related to Indoor Air Quality

Khadija Tijani, Dung Ngo Quoc, Stéphane Ploix, Benjamin Haas, Julie Dugdale

Towards An Energy Simulation-Informed Design Process : A 3-Phase Apporach for A Performative Interdisplinary Laboratory Buuilding

Timur Dogan, Emmanouil Saratsis, Christoph Reinhart

Analysis of Factors Creating Variety in Residential Energy Demand Based on Measured Electricity Consumption

Yuya Itagaki, Yohei Yamaguchi, Yoshiyuki Shimoda

Occupancy Profiles for Single Rooms in Residential Buildings

Michael Adolph, Rita Streblow, Dirk Müller

Occupancy Estimation using Non Intrusive Sensors in Energy Efficient Buildings

Abhay Arora, Manar Amayri, Stephane Ploix, Venkata Ramana Badarla, Sanghamitra Bandyopadhyay

Domestic Building Energy Prediction in Design Stage Utilizing Large-Scale Consumption Data from Realized Projects

Ji-Hyun Kim, Godfried Augenbroe, Hye-Soo Suh, Qinpeng Wang

Time Series Correlation Between Occupants And Energy Consumption

Ki-Uhn Ahn, Cheol-Soo Park

Optimizing Gymnasium Evacuation Performance by Agent-Based Simulation

Ying Liu

Predictability of Occupancy Pattern in Real-Life Cases

Deuk-Woo Kim, Ki-Uhn Ahn, Ki-Cheol Kim, Pieter De Wilde, Cheol-Soo Park

Capturing the Views of Architects About Building Performance Simulation to Be Used During Design Processes

Veronica Soebarto, Christina Hopfe, Dru Crawley, Rajan Rawal

Supporting Visual Design for All: the VIDeA Approach

Dawid Wolosiuk, Ulrich J. Pont, Magdalena Maringer, Matthias Schuß, Nico Hauck, Ardeshir Mahdavi, Harald Hofstätter

Design Research: Optimising Row-House Orientation

Michael Donn, Elzine Braasch, Marc Woodbury, Evzen Novak, Andrew Banks

On Modelling And Simulation of Occupant Models

H. Burak Gunay, William O’Brien, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison, Simona D’Oca, Stefano Corgnati

The Influence of An Ageing Population And An Efficient Building Stock on Heat Consumption Patterns

Marcelo Esteban Munoz Hidalgo, Yogi Vidyattama, Robert Tanton

Classification of Occupant Air-Conditioing Behaviuor Patterns

Xiaohang Feng, Da Yan, Chuang Wang

An Occupancy-Driven Framework to Optimize Energy Consumption And Human Comfort in A Group of Buildings

Christina Nikolopoulou, Elie Azar

HVAC Equipment

On the Sizing of Building Envelop And Energy System Integrating Management Strategy in Sketch Phase

Dinh Van Binh, Delinchant Benoit, Wurtz Frédéric

Assessment of Different Data-Driven Algorithms for Ahu Energy Consumption Predictions

Fuxin Niu, Zheng O’Neill, Wangda Zuo, Yanfei Li

Automated Calibration of Air Handling Unit Models using A Modified Preisach’S Model

Jesús Febres, Raymond Sterling, Marcus Keane

Dynamic Modeling And Simulation of Geothermal Heat Pump Systems Based on A Combined Moving Boundary And Discretized Approach

Roozbeh Sangi, Pooyan Jahangiri, Freerk Klasing, Rita Streblow, Dirk Müller

Dynamic Thermal Modeling of Legionella Pneumophila Proliferation in Domestic Hot Water Systems

Jelle Laverge, Elisa Van Kenhove, Peter De Vlieger

Dynamic Modelling of A District Cooling Network with Modelica

Damien Casetta, Cynthia Nerbollier, Guillaume Brecq, Pascal Stabat, Dominique Marchio

Predictive Model for HVAC Control Key Factors And Global Sensitivity Analysis

Renato Lepore, Eric Dumont, Christine Renotte, Marc Frere

Comparison of Control Optimization Approaches for Low Exergy Heating And Cooling Systems

Dominik Wystrcil, Doreen Kalz

Multi-Criteria HVAC Systems Optimization with Modelica

Torsten Schwan, René Unger, Christian Lerche, Bernard Bäker

Using Time Variant Voltage to Calculate Energy Consumption And Power Use of Building Systems

Atefe Makhmalbaf, Godfried Augenbroe

Sensitivity And Uncertainty Analysis of Models for Determining Energy Consumption in the Residential Sector

Aner Martinez Soto, Mark Jentsch

Implementation of Mathematical Models Predicting the Performance of Passive Down-Draft Evaporative Cooling (PDEC) Tower with Spray System

Daeho Kang, Richard K. Strand

Air-Source integrated Heat Pumps (AS-IHPs) with Smart Zoning for Residential Space and Water Heating in Cold Climate

Kun Zhang, Humberto Quintana, David Bradley, Michaël Kummert, Mark Riley

Estimating Waste Heat from Domestic Hot Water Systems in UK Dwellings

Dashamir Marini, Richard Buswell, Christina Hopfe

IAQ and Thermal Comfort

Real-Time Control of Occupants Thermal Comfort in Buildings

Magdalena Hajdukiewicz, Padraig O’Connor, Colin O’Neill, Daniel Coakley, Marcus M. Keane, Eoghan Clifford

Experimental And Numerical Investigation of the Hygrothermal Behaviour of Cork Concrete Panels in Algeria

Chadi Maalouf, Hocine Boussetoua, Tala Moussa, Mohammed Lachi, Azzedine Belhamri

CFD Analysis of Thermal influence Zone of Earth Air Tunnel Heat Exchanger Under Transient Conditions

Rohit Mishra, Vikas Bansal, Tarun K Aseri

Actual Situation of Ventilation Design And Evaluation using Contamination Area Ratio of Smoking Rooms

Noriko Umemiya, Satoshi Hirata, Ayako Fujita, Tomohiro Kobayashi

Concept 2226, A New High Performance Office Building Without Mechanical Heating,Cooling And Ventilation Devices

Lars Junghans

Investigation of Thermal Comfort And Airflow in A Naturally Ventilated Lightweight House in A Bush Fire Prone Area

Yanni Papadopoulos, Veronica Soebarto

Wind Assessment in Urban Area with CFD Tools – Application to Natural Ventilation Potential And Outdoor Pedestrian Comfort

Stephane Sanquer, Guillaume Caniot, Sachin Bhandare

Measured Internal Temperatures in Uk Homes – A Time Series Analysis And Modelling Approach

Argyris Oraiopoulos, Tom Kane, Steven K Firth, Kevin J Lomas

Limitations of Building Performance Simulation: Modelling A Building with Gabion Walls

Lydia Kairl, Veronica Soebarto

Naturally Ventilated Building Design Under Uncertainty using Design of Experiments

Jay Dhariwal, Rangan Banerjee

Simulation of Indoor Environment in the Concert Hall Housed in A Converted Former Church

Petr Zelensky, Martin Bartak, Jan L.M. Hensen

Improving Increased Thermal Capacitance As A Passive Energy Management System with Underground Piping

Joseph Paul Carpenter

Optimizing Building Performance by Integrating Experiential Thermal Comfort in Students’ Accommodation

Parveen Kumar

Analysis And Comparison of Overheating Indices in Energy Renovated Houses

Theofanis Psomas, Per Heiselberg, Karsten Duer, Eirik Bjørn

Interaction of Daylight Distribution And Thermal Comfort in Attic Spaces During Summer Period

Kristian Kondas, Martin Kamensky, Martin Lopusniak

Achiveing Thermal Comfort by using Celing Fans in A Naturally Cooled Office Building in Hot And Humid Climate of India

Nishesh Jain, Gaurav Shorey

Net Zero Buildings

Impact of Heat Pumps And Predictive Control on Residential Energy Use, Load And Grid Interaction: A Canadian Perspective

José Agustín Candanedo, Vahid R. Dehkordi, Justin Tamasauskas

Bringing Building Simulation to A Wider Audience – A Web Based Simulation And Optimisation System

Shadi Saleh Basurra, Ljubomir Jankovic

Optimal Balance Between Energy Demand And On-Site Generation for Robust Net Zero Energy Buildings Considering Future Scenarios

Rajesh Kotireddy, Pieter-Jan Hoes, Jan. L. M. Hensen

Design of Solar Heating System Coupled to A Ground Heat Storage And A Geothermal Heat Pump

Tangi Le Bérigot, Marc Frère, Eric Dumont

A Generic Quantification Method for the Active Demand Response Potential by Structural Storage in Buildings

Glenn Reynders, Jan Diriken, Dirk Saelens

Users’ Behaviours And Peferences for Low Carbon Homes: Lessons for Predicting Energy Demand

Neveen Hamza, Qian Zi, Ole Steen

Building-Integrated Photovoltaic Prototype for Calculating the Solar Orientation And Global Solar Insolation

Manish Dixit, Wei Yan

Multi-Objective Robust Design Optimization of Energy Systems for A Sustainable District in Stockholm

Cong Wang, Ivo Martinac, Alessandro Magny

Investigating the Performance of A Net-Zero Energy Building: An Occupancy-Focused Energy Modeling Approach

Elie Azar, Maria Lamprou, Ahmed Al Amoodi

New Software Development

Integrated Design Workflow And A New Tool for Urban Rainwater Management

Yujiao Chen, Holly Samuelson, Carlos Cerezo Davil

Web-Based Simulation Tool for Compliance with 2013 Energy Efficiency Standard for Commercial Buildings in Japan

Masato Miyata,Takao Sawachi, Yasuo Kuwasawa, Yasuhiro Miki

Development of A Tool Chain for Complex City District Energy System Modeling And Simulation

Jan Schiefelbein, Amir Javadi, Michael Diekerhof, Gerrit Bode,Rita Streblow , Dirk Müller, Antonello Monti

Smart-E : A Tool for Energy Demand Simulation And Optimization At the City Scale

Thomas Berthou, Bruno Duplessis, Philippe Rivière, Pascal Stabat, Damien Casetta, Dominique Marchio

Multi-Zone Reduced Building Models Automated Generation for District Simulation

Patrick Beguery, Yacine Lamoudi, Romain Brunet, Gregory De-Oliveira, Sophie Marat, Nelly Rousset

Usability Evaluation of A Web-Based Activity Modelling Tool for Improving Accuracy of Predictive Energy Simulations

Kris Mcglinn, Kelvin Jones, Anton Gerdelan, Dave Lewis, Aitor Cochero

The Modbus Definition Language Specification: A First Step Towards Device Interoperability

Jibonananda Sanyal, Joshua New, James Nutaro, David Fugate, Teja Kuruganti

Quality Assessment of Automatically Generated Simplified Thermal Building Models

Filip Petrushevski, Stefan Hauer, Florian Judex, Sergio Leal, Katharina Eder

Household-Differentiated Demand Modelling for Communities

Graeme Flett, Nick Kelly

Energy Building Co-Simulation Based on the WRM Algorithm for Efficient Simulation Over FMU Components of Web Service

Abbass Raad, Vincent Reinbold, Benoit Delinchant, Frédéric Wurtz

Exploring the Use of Variable Mapping for Optimizing Urban Morphologies

Christoph Waibel, Ralph Evins

Validated Density Function Related to Certain Building Use Cases for Non-Residential Buildings to Run A Comprehensive Urban Simulation Environment

Manuel Ziegler, Thomas Bednar

The Optimization Potential of Floorplan Typologies in Early Design Energy Modeling

Timur Dogan, Emmanouil Saratsis, Christoph Reinhart

Urban Scale Modeling of Campus Building using Virtual PULSE

Mohammad Heidarinejad, Nicholas Mattise, Matthew Dahlhausen, Saber Khoshdel Nikkho, Jiying Liu, Stefan Gracik, Kai Liu, Krishang Sharma, Haoyue Zhang, Joshua Wentz, Mostapha Sadeghipour
Roudsari, George Pitchurov, Jelena Srebric

Evapotranspitation Model to Evaluate the Cooling Potential in Urban Areas – A Case Study in Switzerland

Govinda Upadhyay, Dasaraden Mauree, Jérôme Henri Kämpf, Jean-Louis Scartezzini

Prediction of Building Energy Use in An Urban Case Study using Data Driven Approaches

Giovanni Tardioli, Ruth Kerrigan, Mike Oates, James O`Donnell, Donal Finn

A Stochastic And Holistic Method to Support Decision Making in Early Building Design

Torben Østergård, Steffen Enersen Maagaard, Rasmus Lund Jensen

A Web-Based Simulation Tool on the Performance of Different Roofing Systems

Yu Joe Huang, Joshua R New, William A Miller, Ronnen Levinson,Kenneth W Childs

Urban Weather Generator – A Novel Workflow for Integrating Urban Heat Island Effect Within Urban Design Process

Aiko Nakano, Bruno Bueno, Leslie Norford, Christoph Reinhart

Integrating A Rule Based Code Compliance Software Platform Into A Building Simulation Front End

Tobias Maile, Philip Haves, Richard See

An Epidemiological Approach to Simulation-Based Analysis of Large Building Stocks

Brian Coffey, Andrew Stone, Paul Ruyssevelt, Philip Haves

Thermal Optimization of Multi-Functional Façades As Energy Efficient Solution in Retrofitting of Public Buildings

Deniz Kizildag, Oriol Lehmkuhl, Joaquim Rigola, R. Capdevila, Assensi Oliva

Parametric Analysis using Dynamic Energy Simulation Tools to Evaluate the Performance of Building Envelope in the Residential Buildings of Composite Climatic Region of India

Pierre Jaboyedoff, Kira Cusack, Prashant Bhanware, Kanagaraj Ganesan, Saswati Chetia, Sameer Maithel

Plug Load Identification in Educational Buildings using Machine Learning Algorithms

Raghunath Shivram Reddy, Niranjan Keesara, Vikram Pudi, Vishal Garg

Surrogate City Finder- Weather Data Tool

Vishal Garg, Nikhil T.V.S, Jegibabu Subhash Vasabhaktula, Hema Rallapalli, Aviruch Bhatia, Chetan Kasi Reddy


Optimal Design of Energy Systems in Residential Districts with Interconnected Local Heating And Electrical Networks

Hassan Harb, Christian Schwager, Rita Streblow, Dirk Müller

The Impact of Low Energy Buildings on the Optimal Design of Distributed Energy System And Networks

Boran Morvaj, Ralph Evins, Jan Carmeliet

Cost-Optimal Analysis of Italian Office Buildings Through the Application of A Quasi-Steady State Model Validated by Detailed Dynamic Simulation

Vincenzo Corrado, Ilaria Ballarini, Domenico Dirutigliano, Simona Paduos

A Holistic Life-Cycle Data Analysis Approach to Bridge the Energy Performance Gap in Buildings

Matthew John Horrigan, James O’Donnell, Edward Corry ,Edward Curry

Hybird Optimization for Complex Façade Systems

Lars Junghans

Multi-Dwelling Refurbishment Optimization: Problem Decomposition, Solution, And Trade-Off Analysis

Jonathan Wright, Miaomiao He, Alexander Brownlee, Simon Taylor

A Multiobjective Design Tool for the French Detached House Market: Cost And Energy Performance Optimization

Serge Chardon, Boris Brangeon, Emmanuel Bozonnet, Christian Inard, Robert Montecot

A Spatial Resolution in Four Levels for A Techno-Economic, Municipal Energy System Model

Jan-Bleicke Eggers, Gerhard Stryi-Hipp, Sebastian Herkel

Evaluating Performance of Simulated Annealing And Genetic Algorithm Based Approach in Building Envelope Optimisation

Piyush Varma, Bishwajit Bhattacharjee

Employing A Multi-Objective Robust Optimisation Method for Healthy And Low-Energy Dwelling Design in Delhi, India

Emily Louise Nix,Payel Das, Jonathon Taylor, Michael Davies

Coupling A Stochastic Occupancy Model to EnergyPlus to Predict Hourly Thermal Demand of A Neighbourhood

Miaomiao He, Timothy Lee, Simon Taylor, Steven K. Firth, Kevin Lomas

NECADA: Optimization Software for Sustainable Architecture

Pau Fonseca I Casas, Antoni Fonseca I Casas

Simulation of An Adaptive Heat Curve for Automatic Optimization of District Heating Installation

Ana Ionesi, Muhyiddine Jradi, Jan Eric Thorsen, Christian Veje

Optimization of Energy Renovation of Residential Sector in Catalonia Based on Comfort, Energy And Costs.

Joana Ortiz, Antoni Fonseca I Casas, Jaume Salom, Verdiana Russo, Nuria Garrido, Pau Fonseca I Casas

Passive Building Modelling

Thermal Transmittance of Multi-Layer Glazing with Ultrathin Internal Glass Partitions

Agnieszka Anna Lechowska, Jacek Andrzej Schnotale

Ranking of Dwelling Types in Terms of Overheating Risk And Sensitivity to Climate Change

Mohamed Hamdy, Jan Hensen

The Impact of Building Climatology on Architectural Design: A Simulation-Assisted Historical Case Study

Or Aleksandrowicz, Ardeshir Mahdavi

Smart Windows with Dynamic Spectral Selectivity – A Scoping Study

Roel Loonen, Jan Hensen

Early And Detailed Design Stage Modelling using Passivhaus Design; What is the Difference in Predicted Building Performance?

Elli Nikolaidou, Jonathan A. Wright, Christina J. Hopfe

Performance Verification of the Integrated Optical Air Duct System (Air-Conditioning Duct Performance)

Toshihiko Sudo, Ryoichi Kajiya, Koji Sakai, Tomoyuki Okusa

Detection And Semi-Automatic Correction of Geometric Inaccuracies in IFC Files

Georgios N. Lilis, Georgios I. Giannakis, Dimitrios V. Rovas

Climate-Specific Modeling And Analysis for Best-Practice Indian Office Buildings

Baptiste Ravache, Reshma Singh, Spencer M. Dutton

Assessing the Impact of Zoning on the Thermal Comfort Analysis of A Naturally Ventilated House During Early Design

Ana Paula O. Favretto, Michele M. Rossi, Camila Anchieta, Karin M. S. Chvatal, Soolyeon Cho, David B. Hill, Joseph F. Decarolis, S. Ranji Ranjithan

A Study of Shanghai Residential Morphology And Microclimate At A Neighborhood Scale Based on Energy Consumption

Pan Yiqun, Yu Cong, Jiachen Mao, Weiding Long, Weizhen Chen

An Exergy-Based Simulation Stock Model: A New Approach for Policy Making

Ivan Garcia Kerdan, Rokia Raslan, Paul Ruyssevelt

Simulation and Real Performance

Effect of Non-Isothermal Conditions on Hygrothermal Behaviour of A Hemp Concrete Building Envelope

Anh Dung Tran Le, Driss Samri, Chadi Maalouf, Mourad Rahim, Omar Douzane, Geoffrey Promis, Thierry Langlet

Experimental And Numerical Study of An Earth-To-Air Heat Exchanger for Buildings Air Refreshment in Marrakech

Mohamed Khabbaz, Brahim Benhamou, Karim Limam, Hassan Hamdi, Pierre Hollmuller, Amin Bennouna

Energy Labeling of Residential Buildings in Chile: Comparing Steady-State Evaluations And Dynamical Simulation Results.

Massimo Palme, Amanda Vasquez

The Inter-Individual Variance of the Defining Markers of Occupancy Patterns in Office Buildings: A Case Study

Ardeshir Mahdavi, Farhang Tahmasebi

The Gap Between Simulated And Measured Energy Performance: A Case Study Across Ten Identical New-Build Dwellings in the UK

Rory Jones, Alba Fuertes, Pieter De Wilde

Simulation of Plants in Buildings; Incorporating Plant-Air Interactions in Building Energy Simulation

Rebecca Mary Ward, Ruchi Choudhary, Allan Mcrobie, Christopher Cundy, George Johnson

Modelling of A Complex Building in Norway

Matthias Haase, Kristian Skeie, Annamaria Belleri, Chiara Dipasquale

Evolutionary Adaptive Radiation Principles Used for Building Facade Optimization

Lars Junghans, Rudai Shan

A Framework for Meta-Analysis of the Role of Occupancy Variables in the Energy Use of Commercial Buildings

Qinpeng Wang, Ji Hyun Kim, Godfried Augenbroe

How to Apply Building Energy Performance Simulation At the Various Design Stages: A Receipts Approach

Emanuele Lenta, Andrea Ferrero, Valentina Monetti, Enrico Fabrizio, Marco Filippi

Night Purge As A Means to Reduce Cooling Load in An Office in Pune, India

Nikhil Parasuraman, Christopher Roy Iddon

Multi-Dimensional Simulation of Underground Spaces Coupled with Geoenergy Systems

Adnan Mortada, Ruchi Choudhary, Kenichi Soga

Enrichment of Single-Zone Epb-Data Into Multi-Zone Models using Bim-Based Parametric Typologies

Marc Delghust, Tiemen Strobbe, Ronald De Meyer, Arnold Janssens

Construction of Temporal Data-Based Files for Building Energy Simulations: the Missing Data Issue

Fally Titikpina, Abderafi Charki, Antoine Caucheteux, David Bigaud

A Meta-Model Based Method for Thermal Comfort And Energy Use Building Optimisation At A Local Resolution

Andrew R. Cowie, Catherine J. Noakes, P. Andy Sleigh, Vassili V. Toropov

Analyses on Electric Peak Load Reduction by Solar Electric Powered Room Air Cooling for Apartment Housings in the Mena-Region

Christoph Torsten Ingolf Banhardt, Christoph Nytsch-Geusen

Simulation Analysis of A Low-Exergy Decentralised Air-Conditioning System for Hot And Humid Climates: Towards A Pilot Implementation in Singapore

Adam Martin Rysanek, Murray Portia Jayne, Jovan Pantelic, Matthias Mast, Arno Schlueter

Did Pursuing Leed Make the Cirs Building More Energy Efficient?

Mohammad Mahdi Salehi, Andrea Frisque, Kendal Bushe

Evaluation of the Contribution of Highly Hygroscopic And Vapour Permeable Walls to Whole Building Performance

Maxime Perier-Muzet, Timea Béjat, Monika Woloszyn, Yannick-Ariel Kêdowidé, Catherine Buhé, Etienne Wurtz

Energy And Daylighting Performances of Highly Glazed Buildings

Ramkishore Singh, Ian J Lazarus

Lightweight Wood-Based Walls with Different Thermal Insulations: Long-Time Measurement And Subsequent Comparison with Ham Simulation

Pavol Durica, Peter Juras, Jan Rybarik, Vladimir Gaspierik, Daniela Staffenova

Calibration of Numerical Simulations Modeling Of Nonresidential Building in Hot Humid Climate Region

Aly Mohamed Elharidi, Paul Tuohy, Mohamed Abdelfatah Teamah, Ahmed Hanafy

Comparison Between Dynamic Simulations And Real Energy Consumptions of Historical Buildings

Francesco Asdrubali, Giorgio Baldinelli, Francesco Bianchi

Optimising the Scheduled Operation of Window Blinds to Enhance Occupant Comfort

Muhammad Waseem Ahmad, Monjur Mourshed, Jean-Laurent Hippolyte, Yacine Rezgui, Haijiang Li

Energy Performance Characterization of A Test Case “Twin House” in Holzikirchen Based on Trnsys Simulation And Grey Box Model

Imane Rehab, Philippe Andre

Verification of the Energy Performance of the “Jacques Geelen” Climate Chamber of Campus D’Arlon, by Co-Heating And Grey Box Model

Imane Rehab, Philippe Andre

A Critical Software Review- How is Hot Water Modelled in Current Building Simulation?

Dashamir Marini, Richard Buswell, Christina J Hopfe

Utilizing Sensor Trend Data to Overcome the Challenges in Calibrating a Simulation Model for Measurement and Verification in a New Construction Project

Raghuram Sunnam, Annie Marston, Ben Burgoyne, Oliver Baumann

Narrowing the Gap A Frame Work for Connecting And Auto-Tuning A Design Bps Model to A Physical Building

Marc Azar, Per Sahlin

Effect of Opaque Building Envelope Material Thermal Properties on Indoor Thermal Comfort

Nallaval Chinnaswamy Balaji, Mani Monto, B V Venkatarama Reddy

Application of CFD Simulations for Locating Outdoor Units on High Rise Tower

Basant Kumar Gupta

An Innovative Cooling System Based on Evaporation from A Porous Tank

Leroux Guilian, Stephan Louis, Le Pierres Nolwenn, Wurtz Etienne, Mendes Nathan

Predicting the Impact of Upgrading Chinese Buildng Design Standards on the Energy Performance

Yao Meng,Mahroo Eftekhari, Dennis Loveday

Use of Building Thermal And CFD Simulation in the Design of A Large Office Building in Lisbon

Daniel Albuquerque, Guilherme Carrilho Da Graca

An Automated Method for Urban Energy Simulation Based on 3D City Models

Ursula Eicker, Juergen Schumacher, Volker Coors, Maryiam Zirak,Nora Bartke , Romain Nouvel

Integrating Renewable Energy Systems with Contemporary Architecture in A Zero Energy House in Southeastern Brazil

Ana Filipa Silva, Maria Malato Lerer, Lair Reis, Guilherme Carrilho Da Graca

Analytics for A Controlled Experiment to Determine Optimal Thermal Insulation for Building Envelopes

Avani Goyal, Manoj Autade, Gagan Deep Singh, Punit Desai, Bipin Rajendran, Monika Jain

Development of A Simulation Platform for the Evaluation of District Energy System Performances

Peter Riederer, Vincent Partenay, Nicolas Perez, Christophe Nocito, Romain Trigance

Simulating the Future Microclimate to Identify Vulnerable Building Interior Conditions

Kelly Jo Kalvelage, Michael C. Dorneich, Ulrike Passe

Energy Performance Benchmark Model for Airport Terminal Buildings

Jonghoon Ahn, Soolyeon Cho

Solar Energy Utilization

Modelling Building-Integrated Solar Thermal Systems

Christoph Maurer, Christoph Cappel, Tilmann E. Kuhn

Exploring the Impact of Heat Pump-Based Dwelling Design on the Low-Voltage Distribution Grid

Christina Protopapadaki, Ruben Baetens, Dirk Saelens

Annual Solar Irradiation Mapping And Visualisation for Complex Geometries

Simon Rees, John Mardaljevic

Early Stage Assessment for Office Buildings Concerning Thermal Comfort, Energy Efficiency And Sustainability

Anja Degens, Frank Scholzen, Christoph Odenbreit

Modelling of Glazed Liquid Pv-T Collector with Use of Detail Model

Nikola Pokorny, Tomas Matuska, Borivoj Sourek

Optimising the Solar Envelope: Utilising Evolutionary Algorithms to Balance Solar Energy And Development Potential in An Urban Planning Context

Benjamin James Foster, Tai Hollingsbee

Multi-Objective Optimization for the Capacity of A Fixed Battery in A Smart House

Tsubasa Shimoji, Hayato Tahara, Harun Or Rashid Howlader, Hidehito Matayoshi, Sharma Aditya, Atsushi Yona, Tomonobu Senjyu

Multi-Objective Optimization of A Battery Energy Management for An Off-Grid Smart House

Tsubasa Shimoji, Hayato Tahara, Harun Or Rashid Howlader, Hidehito Matayoshi, Sharma Aditya, Atsushi Yona, Tomonobu Senjyu

An Illumination Model for Translucent Concrete using Radiance

Aashish Ahuja, Khalid M. Mosalam, Tarek I. Zohdi

Smart Apartment with Demand-Response And Fixed Batteries

Hayato Tahara, Hidehito Matayoshi, Harun Or Rashid Howlader, Sharma Aditya, Tomonobu Senjyu

Instantaneous Active And Reactive Power Control in An Off-Grid Smart House

Takashi Oki, Hidehito Matayoshi, Hayato Tahara, Gul Ahmad Ludin, Sharma Aditya, Tomonobu Senjyu

Integration of Thermal Energy Storage At Building And Neighbourhood Scale

Shan-Shan Hsieh, Robert Weber, Viktor Dorer, Kristina Orehounig

Automatic Extraction of Urban Structures Based on Shadow Information from Satellite Imagery

Nada Mohammed Salih Mohammed Kadhim, Monjur M. Mourshed, Michaela T. Bray

Methodology to Prioritize And Optimize Passive Design Strategies in Conceptual Design Phase

Sravanthi Musunuru

Evaluation of Solar Energy Integration Potential in A Neighborhood

Georgios Mavromatidis, Kristina Orehounig, Jan Carmeliet

Data Driven Model for Rooftop Excess Electricity Generation

Yohei Kiguchi, Yeonsook Heo, Ruchi Choudhary

Functionality of Active External Wall – Optimal Glazing / Bipv Ratio Taking Into Account Total Indoor Illuminance

Dariusz Heim, Dominika Knera, Eliza Szczepanska-Rosiak

Impact of Energy Consumption & Generation Variation on the Fulfillment of Nze Educational Buildings

Paola Sanguinetti, Aydin Tabrizi

Rethinking the TMY: is the ‘Typical’ Meteorological Year Best for Building Performance Simulation?

Drury Crawley, Linda Lawrie

A Preliminary Study of Upgrading An Existing Canadian Community to Source Net-Zero using Building Simulation

Adam Douglas Wills, Ian Beausoleil-Morrison, V. Ismet Ugursal

Investigating Energy Efficiency of Pv Panels Mounted on Buildings’ External Walls

Seval Turhan, Ikbal Cetiner

Developing A Detailed Model of A Large Scale Solar Community with And Without Heat Pumps

Samuel Letellier-Duchesne, Michaël Kummert

Optimal Operation of Smart House for Real Time Electricity Market

Tsubasa Shimoji, Hayato Tahara, Harun Or Rashid Howlader, Hidehito Matayoshi, Sharma Aditya, Atsushi Yona, Tomonobu Senjyu

Teaching Modelling Simulation

A Tangible Interface for Collaborative Urban Design for Energy Efficiency, Daylighting, And Walkability

Cody M Rose, Manos Saratsis, Salma Aldawood, Timur Dogan, Christoph Reinhart

Using A Building Information Modelling Approach for Teaching About Residential Energy Use And Official Energy Performance

Tiemen Strobbe, Ruben Verstraeten, Marc Delghust, Jelle Laverge, Ronald De Meyer, Arnold Janssens

Cellular Automata for Efficient Daylighting Performance: Optimized Façade Treatment

Fatma Fathy, Yasser Mansour, Hanan Sabry, Sherif Abdelmohsen, Ayman Wagdy

Virtual Simulation with Real Occupants using Serious Games

Ayesha Kashif, Stephane Ploix, Julie Dugdale, Patrick Reignier, Muhammad Kashif Shahzad

Teaching Building Performance Simulation using Generic Simulation Model

Roman Rabenseifer

Benchmark of Optimization Techniques for Identification of Buildings Thermal Parameters

Houda Zaidi, Sylvain Robert, Frédéric Suard,Yacine Ould Rouis

Case Studies on HVAC System Performance using A Whole Building Simulation Based Real-Time Energy Evaluation Approach with Bems

Hyeun Jun Moon, Min Seok Choi, Seung Ho Ryu, Jung Chul Lee, Dong Ku Kim

Investigations of Thermal Parameters Addressed to A Building Simulation Model

Christian Brembilla, Claude Lacoursiere, Mohsen Soleimani-Mohseni, Thomas Olofsson

Transient Model of A Panel Radiator

Christian Brembilla, Mohsen Soleimani-Mohseni, Thomas Olofsson

Teaching Building Performance Simulation Through A Continuous Learning Cycle

Ian Beausoleil-Morrison, Christina Hopfe

Campus-Wide Integrated Building Energy Simulation

Willy Bernal, Madhur Behl, Truong Nghiem, Rahul Mangharam

Simulation in Education: Application in Architectural Technology Design Projects

Satish Basavapatna Kumaraswamy, Pieter De Wilde

The Use of Daylighting & Energy Simulation Tools in Undergraduate Program Course Training

Özgür Göçer, Sokol Dervishi

Validation and Calibration

Uncertainty Analysis And Parameter Estimation of Hvac Systems in Building Energy Models

Adrian Chong, Khee Poh Lam

Uncertainty Analysis in Building Energy Simulation. A Practical Approach

Adrian Chong, Weili Xu, Khee Poh Lam

An Empirically-Based Assessment of Computational Sky Radiance Distribution Models

Ehsan Vazifeh, Matthias Schuß, Ardeshir Mahdavi

Impact of Solar Irradiation Models on Building Refurbishment Measures from Multi-Objective Optimization

Alessandro Prada, Giovanni Pernigotto, Francesca Cappelletti, Andrea Gasparella

An Evaluation of Energy Efficiency Measures in A Turkish Campus Building for Thermal Comfort And Economic Risk

Qinpeng Wang, Rifat Ocal, Godfried Augenbroe, Pinar Menguc, Pinar Ozuyar

A Multi-Stage Approach to the Calibration of A School Building’S Simulation Model

Paola Penna, Silvia Schmiedhofer, Francesca Cappelletti, Andrea Gasparella, Farhang Tahmasebi, Ardeshir Mahdavi

Simulating Switchable Glazing with EnergyPlus: An Empirical Validation and Calibration of a Thermotropic Glazing Model

Fabio Favoino, Ylenia Cascone, Lorenza Bianco, Francesco Goia, Valentina Serra, Marco Perino, Mauro Overend, Michele Zinzi

Comparison And Application of Different State Estimation Techniques for Control in Buildings

Mats Vande Cavey, Marco Bonvini, Lieve Helsen

Dynamic Modelling of Data Centre Whitespaces. Validation with Collected Measurements

Jaume Salom, Eduard Oró, Albert García

Exploring the Performance Gap in Uk Homes: New Evidence from Smart Home And Smart Meter Data

Tom Kane, Steven Firth, Vanda Dimitriou, Michael Coleman, Tarek Hassan

Influence of the Representativeness of Reference Weather Data in Multi-Objective Optimization of Building Refurbishment

Giovanni Pernigotto, Alessandro Prada, Francesca Cappelletti, Andrea Gasparella

Calibration of A Commercial Building Energy Simulation Model for Demand Response Analysis

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Three Methods for the Characterization of Building Archetypes in Urban Scale Energy Simulation. the Case Study in Kuwait City.

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