IBPSA Fellows

The grade of IBPSA fellow is awarded to members who have attained distinction in the field of building performance simulation (or in the allied arts or sciences), by either the teaching of major courses in said arts and sciences, or by way of research, simulation code development, original work, or the application of building simulation on projects of a significant scope. The individual must have been active in the field for at least ten years. Calls for nominations are announced biennially for fellows to be recognized at the next Building Simulation conference. The next deadline for nominations is January 31, 2021. We would like as many nominations as possible, so please contact the Chair of the Awards and Fellows Committee, Michaƫl Kummert, to discuss a possible nomination if required (michael.kummert@polymtl.ca).

The Fellow nomination form is provided as a Microsoft Word document. Instructions to fill out the form and to submit nominations are provided in a PDF document.
All nominations should be submitted through the IBPSA Awards and Fellows Conftool website.

List of IBPSA fellows


  • Joe Clarke
  • Philip Haves
  • Curt Pedersen
  • Per Sahlin
  • Edward Sowell
  • George Walton


  • Godfried Augenbroe
  • Jan Hensen
  • Ardeshir Mahdavi
  • Daniel Fisher
  • Drury Crawley
  • Harunori Yoshida
  • Jean-Jacques Roux
  • Jean Lebrun
  • Jeff Haberl
  • Jeffrey Spitler
  • James Braun
  • Jon Hand
  • Kevin Lomas
  • Larry Degelman
  • Michael Wetter
  • Paul Strachan
  • Sanford (Sandy) Klein
  • Yingxin Zhu


  • Charles S. Barnaby
  • Ian Beausoleil-Morrison
  • Kwang Woo Kim
  • Linda Lawrie
  • Jian-lei Niu
  • Darren Robinson
  • Jonathan Wright
  • Radu Zmeureanu


  • Andreas Athienitis
  • Andrew Corney
  • Craig Wheatley
  • Etienne Wurtz
  • Gerhard Zweifel
  • John Mardaljevic
  • John Wright
  • Malcolm Cook
  • Michel Bernier
  • Mitsuhiro Udagawa
  • Peter Simmonds
  • Pieter de Wilde
  • Shengwei Wang
  • Tianzhen Hong
  • Xianting Li
  • Yiqun Pan
  • Zulfi Cumali


  • Ruchi Choudhary
  • Vishal Garg
  • Christina Hopfe
  • Ted Kesik
  • Khee Poh Lam
  • Roberto Lamberts
  • Borong Lin
  • Jyotirmay Mathur
  • Lori McElroy
  • Dejan Mumovic
  • Cheol-Soo Park
  • Christoph Reinhart
  • Veronica Soebarto
  • Jelena Srebric
  • Michael Witte
  • Da Yan
  • Zhiqiang (John) Zhai