Proceedings of Regional Conferences

This page contains links to conference series proceedings of the regional affiliates. Click on the links below, or use the Google Search engine below.

ASim Conference Proceedings (China, Japan, Korea)

ASim2014 (Nagoya, Japan)
ASim2012 (Shanghai, China)

BauSIM Conference Proceedings (Austria and Germany)

BauSIM 2016 (Dresden, Germany)
BauSIM 2014 (Aachen, Germany)
BauSIM 2012 (Berlin, Germany)
BauSIM 2010 (Vienna, Austria)
BauSIM 2008 (Kassel, Germany)
BauSIM 2006 (Munich, Germany)

BSA Conference Proceedings (Italy)

BSA 2019 (Bozen-Bolzano, Italy)
BSA 2017 (Bozen-Bolzano, Italy)
BSA 2015 (Bozen-Bolzano, Italy)
BSA 2013 (Bozen-Bolzano, Italy)

BSO Conference Proceedings (England)

BSO20 (Loughborough, UK)
BSO18 (Cambridge, UK)
BSO16 (Newcastle, UK)
BSO12 (Loughborough, UK)

eSIM Conference Proceedings (Canada)

eSim 2018 Montreal, Canada Papers
eSim 2016 Hamilton, Canada Papers
eSim 2014 Ottawa, Canada Download
71 Mb
eSim 2012 Halifax, Canada Download
47 Mb
eSim 2010 Winnipeg, Canada Download
21 Mb
eSim 2008 Quebec, Canada Download
26 Mb
eSim 2006 Toronto, Canada Download
36 Mb
eSim 2004 Vancouver, Canada Download
12 Mb
eSim 2002 Montreal, Canada Download
11 Mb
eSim 2001 Ottawa, Canada Download
10 Mb

SimBuild Conferences (USA)

SB 2012 Wisconsin, USA August 1-3, 2012
SB 2010 New York City, USA August 11-13, 2010
SB 2008 Berkeley, USA July 30 – August 01, 2008
SB 2006 Massachusetts, USA August 02-04, 2006 Download
93 Mb
SB 2004 Colorado, USA August 04-06, 2004 Download
150 Mb

uSIM Conference Proceedings (Scotland)

uSIM 2018 (Glasgow, Scotland)

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  • Authors retain the copyright while having granted IBPSA a nonexclusive right to publish the paper, but only in unmodified form.
  • IBPSA has no rights to grant someone else to publish the whole or a part of the paper.
  • For that decision the requestor needs to go to the original author(s) to seek permission.