Board of Directors and Contact

Officers and members-at-large are elected following the procedures outlined in the IBPSA bylaws. The IBPSA board of directors serves for an annual/biannual period as indicated in the bylaws. The current officers and affiliate representatives were elected in 2016.

PDF documents of the curriculum vitae of the members are linked in the list below.

Officers and Directors-at-large 2017-2018

In effect until September 6, 2018

Charles “Chip” Barnaby
President, Director At-Large
Lori McElroy
The Lighthouse Trust, UK
Vice President, Director At-Large
Pieter De Wilde
Plymouth University, UK
Secretary, IBPSA-England Affiliate Representative
Wangda Zuo
University of Colorado Boulder, USA
Treasurer, IBPSA-USA Affiliate Representative
Paul Bannister
Exergy, Australia
Director At-Large
Ian Beausoleil-Morrison
Carleton University, Canada
Director At-Large
Drury B. Crawley
Bentley Systems, Inc., USA
Director At-Large, Regional Affiliate Development Committee Chair
Andrea Gasparella
University of Bolzano, Italy
Director At-Large
Christina Hopfe
Loughborough University, UK
Director At-Large, Communications Committee Chair, IBPSA News Editor-in-Chief
Veronica Soebarto
The University of Adelaide, Australia
Director At-Large
Christoph van Treeck
RWTH Aachen University, Germany
Director At-Large, Website Committee Chair
Michael Wetter
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, USA
Director At-Large

Affiliate Representatives

Raul Ajmat
IBPSA-Argentina Representative
Quentin Jackson
IBPSA-Australasia Representative
Nathan Mendes
IBPSA-Brazil Representative
William O’Brien
Carleton University
IBPSA-Canada Representative
Danny Lobos
IBPSA-Chile Representative
Da Yan
Tsinghua University, China
IBPSA-China Representative
Martin Bartak
Czech Technical University, Czech Republic
IBPSA-Czech Republic Representative
Marija Todorovic
VEA-INVI Ltd, Serbia
IBPSA-Danube Representative
Mohammad Fahmy IBPSA-Egypt Representative
Pieter De Wilde
Plymouth University
IBPSA-England Representative
Etienne Wurtz
Institut National d’Energie Solaire, France
IBPSA-France Representative
Christoph Nytsch-Geusen
Berlin University of the Arts, Germany
IBPSA-Germany Representative
Jyotirmay Mathur
Malaviya National Institute of Technology, India
IBPSA-India Representative
Ramadhani Santoso
Energia Indonesia, Indonesia
IBPSA-Indonesia Representative
James O’Donnel
University College Dublin, Ireland
IBPSA-Ireland Representative
Vincenzo Corrado
Politecnico di Torino, Italy
IBPSA-Italy Representative
Yoshiyuki Shimoda
Osaka University, Japan
IBPSA-Japan Representative
Cheol-Soo Park
SungKyunKwan University, South Korea
IBPSA-Korea Representative
Wim Plokker
Vabi Software BV, The Netherlands
IBPSA-Nederland+Vlaanderen Representative
José Luis Jaspeado-Escalona
IBPSA-Mexico Representative
Jørgen Erik Christensen
Technical University of Denmark
IBPSA-Nordic Representative
Khan Nagham
IBPSA-Pakistan Representative
Piotr Narowski
Warsaw University of Technology, Poland
IBPSA-Poland Representative
Guilherme Carrilho da Graça
Universidade de Lisboa, Portugal
IBPSA-Portugal Representative
Sergey Zhukovskiy
Buro Ecoseven, Russia
IBPSA-Russia Representative
Nick Kelly
Strathclyde University, Scotland
IBPSA-Scotland Representative
Steve Kardinal Jusuf
Singapore Institute of Technology, Singapore
IBPSA-Singapore Representative
Roman Rabenseifer
Slovak University of Technology, Slovak Republic
IBPSA-Slovakia Representative
Germán Campos Gordillo
Aurea Consulting, Spain
IBPSA-Spain Representative
Gerhard Zweifel
HS Luzern, Switzerland
IBPSA-Switzerland Representative
Gülsu Uulukava Harputlugil
Çankaya Üniversitesi, Turkey
IBPSA-Turkey Representative
Khaled A. Al-Sallal
UAE University, United Arab Emirates
IBPSA-UAE Representative
Wangda Zuo
University of Colorado Boulder, USA
IBPSA-USA Representative
Nguyen Trun Kien
Vilandco JSC, Vietnam
IBPSA-Vietnam Representative

Non-director Committee Chairs

Joe Clarke
University of Strathclyde, Scotland
Futures Committee Chair
Malcolm Cook
Loughborough University, UK
Publications Committee Chair
Rajan Rawal
CEPT University, India
Education Committee Chair
Jeff Spitler
Oklahoma State University, USA
Membership Committee Chair
Paul Strachan
Strathclyde University, Scotland
Conference Committee Chair
Matthias Haase
SINTEF, Norway
Projects Committee Chair
Michael Kummert
Polytechnique Montreal, Canada
Awards and Fellows Committee Chair

IBPSA Past Presidents

1987-1991 (5 years) Ed Sowell, USA
1992-1993 (2 years) Dan Seth, Canada
1994-1997 (4 years) Joe Clarke, Scotland
1998-1999 (2 years) Larry Degelman, USA
2000-2001 (2 years) Roger Pelletret, France
2002-2005 (4 years) Jeff Spitler, USA
2006-2010 (4 years) Jan Hensen, The Netherlands
2010-2015 (5 years) Ian Beausoleil-Morrison, Canada
2015-present Charles “Chip” Barnaby, USA