Technical Papers

Wednesday, August 1, 9:20 – 10:20

Session 1aReal-Time Optimization Strategies for Building Systems

V. Zavala (paper | presentation)

Simulation-Based Optimization of HVAC Control for Demand Response in Large Commercial Buildings

J. Zhu, L. Shen, R. Yin, Y. Lu (paper | presentation)

Multi-Objective Optimization for Building Retrofit Strategies

E. Asadi (paper | presentation)Session 1bMapping HVAC Systems for Simulation in EnergyPlus

M. Basarkar (paper | presentation)

Development of a Flexible Multizone Multifamily Building Simulation Model

M. Malhotra, P. Im (paper | presentation)

Creating Zoning Approximations to Building Energy Models Using The Koopman Operator

M. Georgescu, B.Eisenhower, I. Mezic (paper | presentation)Session 1cAn Investigation to Optimize the Mechanical Systems to Meet Comfort Criteria in a Large Atrium

A. Marston, E. Yazdanshenas, O. Baumann (paper | presentation)

Towards Better Modeling of Residential Thermostats

B.Urban, D. Elliott, and O. Sachs (paper | presentation)

Application and Assessment of Stochastic Occupant Models in EnergyPlus

S. Dutton (paper | presentation)

Wednesday, August 1, 10:40 – 12:00

Session 2aWindow-Wall Interface Correction Factors: Thermal Modeling of Integrated Fenestration and Opaque Envelope Systems for Improved Prediction of Energy Use

M. Bhandari, R. Srinivasan(paper | presentation)

Virtual Mock-up Modeling as Study Model of Building Envelope Performance and Design

M. Maing (paper | presentation)

Thermal Performance of Three-Dimensional Building Envelope Assemblies and Details for Improving the Accuracy of Whole Building Performance Simulation

C. Cianfrone, N. Norris, P. Roppel (paper | presentation)

The Database of Eqyptian Beuilding Envelopes (DEBE): A Tool for Building Energy Simulations

O. Wanas, S. Attia (paper | presentation)Session 2bSwimming Pool Hall HVAC Modelling, Simulation and End of Setback Artificial Neural Network Prediction: A Detailed Case Study

A. Costa, R. Sterling, M. Keane, T. Messervey (paper | presentation)

Control-Oriented Modeling and Calibration of Building Energy Models Using Modelica

B. Eisenhower (paper | presentation)

Automated Calibration of Design Stage Energy Models for Use in Building Operations

M. Munshi, B. Coffey, M. Munshi, J. An (paper | presentation)

Comparison of Two Different Simulation Programs While Calibrating the Same Building

S. Singh, A. Martinez, K. Kensek, M. Schiler (paper | presentation)

Wednesday, August 1, 1:30 – 2:50

Session 3aComparative Analysis of Air-To-Air Heat Pump Models for Building Energy Simulation

H. Blervaque, S. Filfli, P. Stabat, C. Muresan, D. Marchio (paper | presentation)

An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Pre-Cooling in a Hybrid Ground Source Heat Pump

A. Pertzborn, G. Nellis, S. Klein (paper | presentation)

Feasibility of Combined Solar/Heat Pump Systems for Net-Zero Buildings

G. Marsicek (paper | presentation)

The Energy Saving Potential of Membrane-Based Enthalpy Recovery in VAV System for Commercial Office Buildings

L. Wang, P. Haves, J. Breshears (paper | presentation)Session 3bZonal Approach to Dynamic Modeling of Thermally Stratified Spaces

T. Moore (paper | presentation)

Streamlined Multizone Model Creation

J. DeGraw, W. Bahnfleth, A. Musser (paper | presentation)

Application of New Natural Ventilation System Design Tools to a School Building

S. Emmerich, W. Dols, B. Polidoro (paper | presentation)

Wind-Driven Natural Ventilation in a Low-Rise Building

G. Bitsuamlak (paper | presentation)

Thursday, August 2, 9:00 – 10:20

Session 4aAssessing Thermal Bridges in Commercial Wall Systems

A. Love (paper | presentation)

A Parametric Study of the Thermal Performance of Double Skin Facades at Different Geographical Locations Using Annual Energy Simulation

E. Pekdemir, R. Muehleisen (paper | presentation)

Conduction Transfer Functions in TRNSYS Multizone Building Model: Current Implementation, Limitations and Possible Improvements

B. Delcroix, M. Kummert, A. Daoud, M. Hiller (paper | presentation)

Passivhaus and Net Zero Residential Designs: a Simulation Based Design Process for the Next Generation of Green Homes

M. Soltaniehha, J. Gardzelewski, G. Tan (paper | presentation)Session 4bPrediction of Urban-Related Perturbations in Climate to be Used in Building Energy Analyses

B. Bueno, L. Norford (paper | presentation)

Urban Microclimate and Pedestrian Thermal Comfort: Assessment and Application in Urban Planning and Design Practice

J. Huang (paper | presentation)

Generative Urban Modeling: A Design Tool for Sustainable Cities

T. Rakha, C. Reinhart, J. Jakubiec (paper | presentation)

Environment Mapping for Fast and Robust Calculation of Indirect Radiant Energy

L. Schumann, D. Greenberg (paper | presentation)

Thursday, August 2, 10:40 – 12:00

Session 5aAuto-tune E+ Building Energy Models

J. New, J. Sanyal, M. Bhandari, S. Shrestha(paper | presentation)

Defaults Data of Thermal and Mechanical Systems Descriptors for Simplified Energy Use Evaluation of Canadian Houses

A. Parekh (paper | presentation)

An Interactive Workbench for Monitoring, Identification and Calibration of Building Energy Models

P. Dybskiy, R. Richman (paper | presentation)

Estimation of Thermal Parameters of Buildings through Inverse Modeling and Clustering for a Portfolio of Buildings

Y. Lee, L. An, R. Horesh, Y. Chae (paper | presentation)Session 5bAssessment of the Technical Potential of Natural Ventilation in Existing California Commercial Buildings Using Models Derived from a Building Stock Database

S. Brunswick, S. Dutton, C. Banks, P. Haves (paper | presentation)

Annual Coupled EnergyPlus and Computational Fluid Dynamics Simulation of Natural Ventilation

R. Zhang (paper | presentation)

Coupled EnergyPlus and CFD for Annual Natural Ventilation Simulation

R. Zhang, K. Lam, S. Yao, Y. Zhang (paper | presentation)

Using CFD Simulations to Improve the Modeling of Window Discharge Coefficients

E. Hult, M. Fischer, G. Iaccarino (paper | presentation)

Thursday, August 2, 1:30 – 2:30

Session 6aA New Web-Based Climate & Hourly Time-series Data Delivery System Providing Global Support for Precision Modeling and Analyses

C. Khuen (paper | presentation)

A Framework for Generating Stochastic Meteorological Years for Risk-Conscious Design of Buildings

B. Lee, Y. Sun, C. Paredis, G. Augenbroe (paper | presentation)

Simulating the Genius Loci of Wind

B. Wang, T. Dogan, C. Reinhart (paper | presentation)Session 6bTilted Glazing in Building Simulation and Form-Refining of Complex Facades

W. Ko, M. Schiler, K. Kensek, P. Simmonds (paper | presentation)

Scripted Building Energy Modeling and Analysis

E. Hale, D. Macumber, K. Benne, D. Goldwasser (paper | presentation)

New Methods for the Construction and Interpretation of High Dimensional Parametric Building Energy Models

K. Pratt, D. Bosworth (paper | presentation)Session 6cAll the Ways of Meeting a Target: Calculating a Solution Surface Using GenOpt

B. Coffey, D. Tuhus-Dubrow (paper | presentation)

Optimization of Typical US HVAC Systems Through Improved Controls

C. Luo, A. Marston, O. Baumann (paper | presentation)

Modeling HVAC Optimization Control Strategies for High Performance Buildings

P. Wilkinson, C. Olmsted, V. Priolo (paper | presentation)

Thursday, August 2, 2:50 – 4:10

Session 7aOn the Inter-Model Comparison Exercises of Whole Building HAM Simulation Using the BESTEST Building

D. Costola (paper | presentation)

A Systematic Approach to Hygrothermal Modeling and Compliance with Failure Criteria Using WUFI

P. Mantha (paper | presentation)

Proposed TRNSYS Model for Storage Tanks with Encapsulated Phase Change Materials

K. D’Avignon (paper | presentation)

Numerical Thermal Performance Analysis of PCMs Integrated with Residential Attics

A. Fallahi, N. Shukla, J. Kosny (paper | presentation)Session 7bFault Diagnosis in HVAC Systems Based on the Heat Flow Model

A. Schiendorfer, G. Zimmermann, Y. Lu, G. Lo (paper | presentation)

An Integrated Infrastructure for Real-Time Building Energy Modeling and FDD

B. Dong (paper | presentation)

Minimizing Training Requirements for Inverse Building Modeling

J. Cai, J. Braun (paper | presentation)

Continuous Comissioning Based on Extended Fault Detection and Diagnosis

G. Zimmermann, G. Lo, Y. Lu (paper | presentation)

Thursday, August 2, 4:20 – 5:20

Session 8aBuilding Performance Metrics Calculation and Visualization for K-12 School Buildings in New York City

Y. Lee, F. Liu, H. Jiang, J. Snowdon, M. Bobker (paper | presentation)

Reality Impacts Energy Use: From Dream Time to Real Time

J. Steinbock, J. Douglas, J. Gauthier, C. Iacono (paper | presentation)

A Process for, and Results from, Whole Campus Energy Conservation by Statistical Extrapolation of Calibrated Energy Models

P. Erickson (paper | presentation)Session 8bEnergy and Cost Savings of Retro-Commissioning and Retrofit Measures for Large Office Buildings

W. Wang, J. Zhang (paper | presentation)

The Renovation and Rehabilitation of Historic Building Envelopes: An In-Depth Building Performance and Thermal Comfort Analysis

T. Zakrzewski (paper | presentation)

Scalable Methodology for Energy Efficiency Retrofit Decision Analysis

Y. Heo, F. Zhao, S. Lee, Y. Sun, J. Kim, G. Augenbroe, D. Graziano, L. Guzowski, R. Muehleisen (paper | presentation)Session 8cA Demonstration of the Run-Time Coupling of ESP-r and TRNSYS

F. MacDonald, R. Jost, I. Beausoleil-Morrison, M. Kummert, T. McDowell, A. Ferguson (paper | presentation)

Validation of the Window and the Room Models of the Modelica Buildings Library

T. Nouidui, M. Wetter, W. Zuo (paper | presentation)

Comparison of EnergyPlus and DOE-2 Detailed WindowHeat Transfer Models

N. Kruis, C. Booten, C. Christensen (paper | presentation)

Friday, August 3, 9:00 – 10:20

Session 9aBuilding System Energy Failure Modes Analysis Using Whole Building Energy Simulation

K. Otto, B. Eisenhower, Z. O’Neill, S. Yuan, S. Narayanan, I. Mezic (paper | presentation)

Reduced-Order Building Modeling for Application to Model-Based Predictive Control

D. Kim, J. Braun (paper | presentation)

Automating Building Thermal Model Reduction with Hierarchical Aggregation

J. Dobbs, B. Hencey (paper | presentation)

Reduced-Order Modeling for Control of Indoor Building Airflows

S. Ahuja, S. Narayanan, E. Cliff, J. Burns (paper | presentation)Session 9bThe Impact of Systems Integration on the Daylighting Performance of Skylights in Offices

L. Ghobad, W. Place, C. Reinhart (paper | presentation)

Challenges to Integrated Daylighting and Electric Lighting Simulation Methods in a Whole-Building Energy Simulation Context

R. Guglielmetti, J. Scheib (paper | presentation)

Hardware Accelerated Computation of Direct Solar Radiation through Transparent Shades and Screens

N. Jones, D. Greenberg (paper | presentation)

Evaluating the Impact of Shading Devices on the Indoor Thermal Comfort of Residential Buildings in Egypt

A. Ali (paper | presentation)

Friday, August 3, 10:40 – 12:00

Session 10aUrban Daylight Analysis – Simulating the Day-lit-Area of Cities Via a Combination of Exterior Daysim Simulatons AND Interior Fitting Functions

T. Dogan, C. Reinhart (paper | presentation)

Performance Modeling for a Sustainable Master Plan

K. Raines (paper | presentation)

Towards Validated Urban Solar Radiation Maps Based on LiDAR Measurements, GIS Data, and Hourly DAYSIM Simulations

J. Jakubiec, C. Reinhart (paper | presentation)

Preliminary Evaluation of A Daylight Performance Indicator for Urban Analysis: Facade Vertical Daylight Factor per Unit Floor Area

J. Zhang, C. Heng, L. Malone-Lee, Y. Huang, P. Janssen, J. Hii, I. Nazim (paper | presentation)Session 10bAn Improved Simple Chilled Water Cooling Coil Model

L. Wang, F. Buhl, P. Haves (paper | presentation)

Issues Arising from the Use of Chilled Beams in Energy Models

F. Betz (paper | presentation)

A Review of How Different Energy Tools Address Ventilation as Part of Low-Flow VAV HVAC Systems

A. Corney, S. Gardiner (paper | presentation)

Influence of Design and Operating Conditions on Underfloor Air Distribution (UFAD) System Energy and Comfort Performance

T. Webster (paper | presentation)

Friday, August 3, 1:30 – 2:30

Session 11aCost-Effective Recommendations for 15% Above Code Energy Efficiency Measures Based on the ASHRAE 90.1-2007 for Commercial Buildings in Texas: Small Office

H. Kim, J. Haberl, J. Baltazar (paper | presentation)

Cost-Benefit Analysis of Energy Conservation Measures

L. Hendricken, K. Otto, P. Gurian, J. Wen, W. Sisson (paper | appendix | presentation)

An Energy Analysis Method to Answer the Problem of Cost Effective Balancing of Efficiency Measures and Renewable Energy Contributions

C. Kirney, A. Parekh, K. Paget (paper | presentation)Session 11bSimple Design Tools for Earth-Air Heat Exchangers

R. Muehleisen, Y. Heo (paper | presentation)

A Passive Design Procedure to Reduce the Solar Heat Gain During Overheat Period

K. Hsu (paper | presentation)

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