BSO 2018 Proceedings

Proceedings of the 4th IBPSA-England Conference on Building Simulation and Optimization, Cambridge, UK: 11-12 September 2018

Session 1A: Daylighting

Session 1B: District Energy Systems

Session 1C: Optimal Controls

Session 2A: Ventilation

Session 2B: Building Stock Modelling

Session 2C: Optimization

Session 3A: Energy Systems 1

Session 3B: Retrofit Analysis

Session 3C: Data-centric Models

Session 4A: Energy Systems 2

Session 4B: Digital Modelling

Session 4C: Overheating Risk

Session 5A: Facade Modelling 1

Session 5B: Simulation Approaches

Session 5C: Model Calibration

Session 6A: Facade Modelling 2

Session 6B: Climate

Session 6C: Occupant Behaviour

Poster Presentations